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  1. You cannot begin to compare it to MCC until its alteast 4+ months out after release and the multiplayer is still a bag of smashed buttholes after multiple "FIX" patches. Still pisses me off, only reason I bought an Xbox One was for MCC, and it was a rushed steaming pile of poo to push Xbox One sales for the holiday season of 2014, Now the Xbox One X is releasing and Microsoft needs more games to drive sales for it, so what do you know old Bonnie Ross & Frankie come out of the woodwork to pledge fixes for a 3 YEAR OLD GAME, holeeee fuK... and in typical 343 fashion: "Soon, Spring 2018". But I'm an addict so I'll let them get my hopes up
  2. Whats the deal with matchmaking in this game especially arena? I dont care about sprint, radar, maps or any other mechanics. I just want to be able to hop on and play competitive games. Playing full teams and champions and getting blown out game after game just makes me want to quit. I would rather have to wait 5 minutes to find a game where the players are evenly matched, than find a game in a minute and be matched against the same team of high onyxs and champs that destroyed the team I was on the game prior.
  3. My theory is that instead of widening the skill matching parameters (possibly due to population/search times) 343 just boosted placements. So Instead of having you a Gold 4 match a Plat 5 and looking unfair they boosted you, same goes for a lot of diamonds being placed Onyx this season Just my theory but someone could probably break it down further seeing as the current ranking system sees matching a Diamond at less than 1500 CSR against a high champion 5000+ CSR a competitive match. I would have to believe due to population the ranking system is much simpler than we are told, I doubt MMR, CSR is really considered prob all based on some division limits, as we know party size is not considered
  4. Happens to me, I have noticed it happens the first couple of matches if I haven't played halo in awhile especially in H2A. It take a good 2 minutes before the map begins to load and I can hear my teammates talking and playing usually they think I quit so they end up quitting too. Most of the time when I eventually load in, its not lagging, I always thought it might have to be the map caching or opening other full screen apps while the map is loading like the store or twitch slowing it down.
  5. Bungie 12/1/2004, "Please remember that our Xbox Live matchmaking system is dynamic and is controlled behind the scenes by a small file we can upload to the Xbox Live servers. Unlike an actual auto update like the one we released a few weeks ago that is downloaded and makes code changes to the game itself, playlist updates consist of a single file that exists on the actual Live server." Perfected more than 10 years ago, I realize it may be different now with the X1 and managing more than 1 game, but each playlist update so far feels like it takes just as long as a content update with 343. SOURCE:https://halo.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=news&cid=1808
  6. 343 Patch testing Scenario #198: Downloading the Lastest Matchmaking/Playlist info please wait... or press a to cancel. Tester A: promptly presses A and is presented the playlist and is now searching in H1. Tester B: Patiently waits for the rest of his life.... 343: [email protected]@Ks good guys roll it out...
  7. ranks and quit penalties will be a joke; you can't implement something new when searching still doesn't work properly. I still get stuck in loops cycles of searching for players and players found. its like the game is unable to decide between using dedis or a p2p host. H2A takes a good 30 secs before showing the loading bar, then u have about 3 mins for a map to load, sometimes it takes 30 seconds for the initial spawn. Host migration/quit still shows a black screen. This game has made me paranoid of crashes, anytime I even sense a freeze I automatically QTB, I love halo but 343 is making me regret it. 343's patches to MCC is like taking a huge dump that causes mud butt and wiping with 1ply. Every wipe just smears the mess doing nothing.
  8. Seriously hope they fixed Host quit = ending the game, but likely the quit penalty is 343's version of that fix.
  9. 343 Industries, the only AAA game developer that has a lower percentage of deadlines met than a crowd-funded developer.
  10. It's absurd that we are nearing 5 months since release and 343 still cannot give update ETAs more than "any day this month or next month". I imagine 343 expected the game to be fixed by March, and now they dug themselves a hole, you have teams working on Relic and ODST and teams trying to fix the initial game all competing over resources. ex: if the game worked, the H3 ODST devs could probably have fixed H3 sound and forge by now. just my thoughts https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/84ad72a8b51847978545f685f651fc15/topics/4-1-15-halo-the-master-chief-collection-cu/53ad00b2-2347-4963-919a-f8db9444be31/posts NOT SRS
  11. The next time you log into Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you will be prompted to download a small content update that focuses on an update, and more. Furthermore, we will discontinue work on all additional content updates and halt work on: top community requests, ranks, H2A forge texture palettes/lighting, H3 sound/forge objective placement, crashes, and host migration. Below, you’ll find a summary of the updates that are included in today’s update: Added a new login message, From now on every time you sign into Xbox LIVE on Halo: The Master Chief Collection you will be prompted with a message detailing how to preorder and purchase Halo 5 Guardians. Replaced “Soon” in playlist descriptions with “Never”. Unlocked H2A Map Ayoub Town, an abandoned UNSC development site based on Foundation. Let us know about your experience, and check back for details as the team continues work on Halo 5 Guardians.
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