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  1. Thanks I'll do that. That's why I made this video. Every sprint video seems to contain Huges amounts of subjectivity and opinion. This video uses developmental research from Bungie employees... It's actual proof! Did you make it to the end where I even showed the interview of how they discussed that man cannons and teleporters involved player movement ?
  2. Hello, this video attempts to bring a new approach/analysis to the Sprint in Halo Argument. Much of my research and analysis comes from the Bungie employees who made original Halo. Believe it or not Bungie had an actual game play philosophy when it came to game play mechanics. This game play philosophy is Weapons, Melee, and Grenade...(A.K.A The three golden things that make a Halo Game/The Golden Halo Triangle)
  3. Often times I see people praise or support the forge delay saying things like "It's great, forge won't launch broken now" and " Its good so we can get used to the Halo 5 mechanics, or "Its really different now so its okay." I feel like these points are an odd way to justify the Forge Delay. I think we as consumers deserve Forge mode, at launch with all of the improvements, in a stable working state. I Get that its going Leaps and Bounds beyond any other iteration of Forge Mode, but wouldn't it be better if forge mode launched at release, in a working state, rather than a month and a half later. The video above explains the negatives of the Forge Delay... 1. Less Content at Launch 2.Limited Custom Games 3. More People Play Customs/Forge than you think 4. Expectation I'd love to hear your input on the topic and I'm curious to hear what you guys (or girls ) have to say! Thanks
  4. Thank you! You get the idea ! Now every shooter is blending. I would appreciate something original or unique.
  5. When i hear people say that Halo needs to adapt common mechanics or 'modernize' its gameplay, I get annoyed. Simplicity has made Halo unique! I support change, but i think there needs to be a line between a games identity and its innovation.
  6. Empire and Eden are very very similar. They almost even look the same, with one being at night time and one not. Anyways, wouldn't it be better to have unique arena maps created from scratch? Or would you rather have a spin-off of each arena map?
  7. This video is not talking about Map REMAKES. It's talking about Map REMIXES. (Example: Eden is a REMIX to Empire.) Halo 5 features a new idea to the map design approach, map remixes. This whole idea of taking a portion of an existing map, and changing or bending the layout and aesthetics in an attempt to offer another experience. This new idea of map remixes might actually be a bad idea, instead of a good one. Especially if they count as part of the 20 maps, which makes the large map count seem rather misleading.
  8. No it's cool. You can still do that lol. I'd like to hear your opinion.
  9. Thank you I really appreciate your post and feedback. At first I thought your were bashing until I read the whole thing. I do actually watch Favyn. I was one of his first supporters when he had less than 50 subs. Great content. But hey, I can sort of understand how you thought the argument was unfocused. If you made it to the end I felt I added some valid points as to why gameplay is more important.
  10. This video wasn't all about TTK. In fact I only mention it once. I'm not trying to sound mean or anything, but I think your taking a part of the video that you didn't like and blowing it out of proportion.
  11. Do we really play Halo multiplayer for the game play, or lore? 343i have been changing (some cases removing) core Halo mechanics from Halo 5, and changing them because of lore. One obvious example is the whole war games stimulation that takes over the multiplayer, resulting in no elites in matchmaking. The video above addresses my concerns with this whole controversy.
  12. Who knows, anything is possible. They have not even began talking about forge or customs yet so I am at least hopeful.
  13. A custom game browser in Halo would truly benefit the game, making the custom games aspect of the shooter more popular, more accessible, and user friendly. Many people cannot fully experience the enjoyment of playing custom games because they do not have enough people to start a custom lobby. A custom game browser would make it easier for solo and new players to witness some of the coolest community game modes that they could have previously been missing out on. Imagine some of the limitless content that everyone could witness, making the community more social and united.
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