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  1. Please SUNDANCE! No troll, haha.
  2. This is unfuckingbelivable....... Just when I was getting back into it.. Please MLG! FUCKING PLEASE!
  3. Ehhhh. I swear I've tried that as well.. I'll give it another try. Thanks.
  4. That about sums it up right there. You knew going in it could happen.
  5. I have, it usually only has a single match or two from the finals, this is referring to the AGL twitch page, I'm not 100% certain of the UMG page.
  6. It sucks I always have to work, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.. I miss all of the action, and FULL rebroascasts are never around.
  7. I'm all for Pitfall. I thought Adrift was being taken out for Pitfall, not Dispatch.. I hate Adrift..
  8. Such a wonderful sight to see :ghost: :gandhi:
  9. This is sitting as close the the router as I can.. I have never had a game that didn't lag, and most times I can't load a single webpage...
  10. My favorite logo so far. I would love to see a finished logo with this.
  11. Tensor was always one of my favorite Canadian players. I think Royal 2 takes this, and I never knew Gspot was Canadian.
  12. 3 threads made so far. This information has come straight from Ninja's stream.
  13. I can't wait! Strongside is one of my favorite all time players. I love seeing all these old pros come back, adds hype and life back into the Halo community.
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