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  1. @ WIth a best of 7 serie, if a full serie is played it means 14 games are played. So thats just one more. My point is more that a Best of 15 serie leaves out the 'if they win 1 game now then theyre champion' - as for the other team has to win 6 or more games when its 3-2 in first Bo7.., which in my opinion kind of kills the excitement Edit: @Bo5 edit. Best of 5 for a final match? So the tournament champion can be announced just after 3 games?..
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering what you are thinking of this, Im talking about tournament finals of Halo 1, 2v2 team slayer: Normally a tournaments' big finals (of a double elimination tournament (meaning everybody gets a second chance with a losers bracket)) are Best of 7 (first to 4), where the winner of the WB has to win only 1 serie and the LBwinner has to win 2 series (as the WBwinner also deserves a second chance). I was thinking that big finals can be over pretty fast, if the WBwinner just wins with 4 games he wins the tournament. So now I thought, why not make the big finals Best of 13 (first to 7) or Best of 15 (first to 8) and give the WBwinner an advantage of 2-0 or 3-0? This way the final fight is longer (at least 1 or 2 games): longer enjoyable/more exciting for viewers, endurance plays more part and most important: a much wider variaty of maps can be played as well as those maps on both teams' hosts. What do you think?
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