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  1. Dude is anybody in Colorado alive? We need to get Cratos, Suspectors, Swell, Psylince, and all the old school guys in here! If any of you are looking to play or LAN Halo 5 and wanna grind HCS until then hmu! GT: Quota Stuns
  2. So if some of you have seen our organization, Forbid Gaming, posted a few weeks ago in regards to a Halo team and that team is still undecided on the remaining two positions. The members that are on that team are close friends and they have people lined up for running games, in other words I'm farther down that list. I want to keep my involvement in Halo competitively for Halo 5 and would like to explore my options as they run games. So I have decided to possibly start my own 2nd team within the organization. Our organization is willing to expand in this manner and the sponsorship would cover Team pass, Hotel, and T-shirts just as much as the other team. If you are interested in running games hit me up on Xbox Live. GT: Quota Stuns, or hit me up on Twitter @Forbid_Quota
  3. I would much rather play a new slew of maps than keep playing two small maps that are super fast paced or the one bigger map with two snipes that we have played in three halo games now.. Remember H3? You had such a variety that we were always seeing game types removed and added. Personally I think that kept the game fresh and new. We had two forge maps in H3 and one was okay (Amp) and the other (Ons) was amazing. Maps like Pit, Sanc, and Narrows need a place in MCC or at least H5 when choosing what to play. Now if you have to replicate that feel of a larger team based map by using forge then go for it. I don't care how stupid it looks as long as it plays well then im chill and so should you guys!
  4. Gamertag: uV Quota Customs/MM: T04 customs, teams only plz Region: U.S (Midwest, west)
  5. Sweet ill definitely give you a add!
  6. I also hope Str8 comes to ATL with a practiced team. But as I'm hearing Legit/Goofy are teaming? That makes me think a T2 retirement is coming
  7. Love the move by Noble to pick up Ninja. Think that should present a challenge ATL, now you cant sleep on them. I personally think Optic and Denial made the biggest jumps. Maniac played very solid at Champs and his ginger-like gameplay may turn Optic into Status Quo like success!
  8. Looking for 1 for future events! Not attending ATL, we want more practice than less than 1 month! HMU: uV Quota
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