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  1. - Staying inside all day on Halloween playing the Infection Playlist on Halo 3 - Winning mulitple local Tournaments against many of my friends and school mates. - Staying up all night running custom games on my forge maps with 16 people Could list a thousand things to be honest, played halo 3 almost every single day as soon as I got home from school. Loved that game
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/ryanoob/v/4893474 Love his reaction lmao
  3. Was playing Halo3 all week and game was working fine. Now after the patch, the maps can't even load. What the fuck Nvm I fixed it. -_-
  4. Lmao if ManU chokes this 4 point gap, wow.... Away to Palace, Home v Arsenal, Away to Hull. Need to drop 5/9 points for Liverpool to have a chance. Def Possible Edit: Liverpool will lose to Chelsea next week so it doesn't matter
  5. Hope Manny gives him a concussion
  6. Crush

    NFL Thread

    9 offensive draft picks in a row for the Bucs, as a fan I know how God awful their defense has been the last few years.
  7. Crush

    NFL Thread

    Think this was one of the worst/most boring drafts I've watched in a while
  8. Crush

    NFL Thread

    https://twitter.com/katienolan/status/593946934819180544 LMAO
  9. Crush

    NFL Thread

    Clearly they do not believe in Mettenberger lol
  10. Who is this "Randa" guy that you guys keep debating over?? Is he related to LANda?
  11. This is a Good thing, puts more pressure on 343 to fix their damn game and make sure Halo5 launch is smooth
  12. SO many salty people on twitter right now because Heroes of the storm is on espn2 lol. Amazing how big esports is yet so many people have never heard of it.
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