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  1. I played on 2 sens on MCC for a while, but started getting sick of how unresponsive and slow the turning was so went back to 3, my aiming was initially not as good but my guy moving how I actually want him to move just feels much better
  2. Been in the midst of my university final year exams (last one in 8 hours :ghost: ) so haven't played MCC in like 2-3 weeks, too lazy to go through the thread and see what the happenings have been, anyone care to summarize what the developments over this period have been unless it's nothing significant. Thanks
  3. I've done a whole lot of hoping when it's come to the MCC. I'm all burnt out.
  4. I will never understand how they deal with it. I want to turn off my xbox every time I am in a H2A game.
  5. The MCC has turned me into a filthy casual. I am so ashamed of myself.
  6. Hahah this takes me back. I remember matching with Euee in MLG once and getting hyped, shame he deleted the original videos from his channel.
  7. I don't understand the reasoning why there isn't one. Even playlist xp would suffice.
  8. Yes, the hitbox is a fucking joke. There is just no skill when it comes to BR engagements in H2A and even a guest can become godtier when you put a sniper in their hands because the registration (and auto-aim) is so lenient. I hate H2A in general and the awful gunplay is a major reason for this among other things.
  9. How is it possible for a radar to h1 to be some sort accident? Some clown obviously added it intentionally after playing the playlist and being mad that there was no radar and thinking ever since that it's been required Or someone just dun goofed
  10. Im currently bored and want to play some TS to increase my rank but my usual partner isn't available tonight. I'm currently a 14 and if you're a good player and want to run 2s or need an extra for a team please send me a request and I'd be happy to join, only request would be that you NEVER vote H2A! I had a 50 in 4 playlists (SWAT, TS, Doubles, Lone Wolves & a 47 in MLG) back at my peak in H3 and while I'm not as good now I still know what I'm doing Also as an fyi I'm from the UK, I rarely pull host and don't mind playing on US host (unless it's west coast...). Looking to play for a couple of hours! Also if you see this later when I'm not on but would be interested in playing with me send me a message and I'll add you for the future!
  11. The Reach and Halo 2 Wraith. So much fun splattering fools with it when they come charging at you, especially in H2 where they would subsequently go flying across the map. Edit: Also gotta give a shoutout to the Elephant, hope it makes a return in H5
  12. To what extent does everyone think the addition of ODST will screw up the MCC even further? I'm fully expecting to be searching BTB and end up in a 16 man firefight game at least once
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