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  1. BlackHaloGod, FlySo Fatal and Myself are looking for 1. Please have experience, be mature and wanting to progress.. Have a big ambition for yourself and the team you might potentially be on. All of us 3 have experience and have placed really well for ourselves in our Halo Careers for every Halo we've played.. We're looking for someone who's wanting to learn, improve and progress and hoping to create something great.. I will be checking here occasionally but please message me on Twitter or on here. @PmL_Plague If you have past previous placings in the Open Qualifiers thats a big plus for me.
  2. Spartan and Stellur have been really impressing me as of late with all of their scrims they've been having lately.
  3. I Agree to a certain extent.. Str8 Sick has been destroying in Scrims and Pro League games for these guys and He's shown that he can dominate a game. Every player on any team cannot over exert themselves or they'll notice a decline in some aspects of their gameplay which is why it's good to be on a good sleeping schedule rather than waking up at 4PM which is not healthy and causes stress.. So please everyone in the Community please get some good sleep tonight and if you're sleep schedule is a bit messed up, try to fix it as much as possible to cause less stress for yourself.. And play PokemonGO in the morning.
  4. Feel really bad for OpTic Halo but HECZ is going to have a tough decision to make if he wants to succeed in Halo.
  5. So does this mean there's still some beef between you two? :O
  6. True but probably knowing HCS. They might put it to $9.99 at best buy for the best deal of the skins I would say $4.99 is the better deal for everyone.
  7. Also does anyone else kind of agree or disagree that the Pro League should hold 16 teams instead of 8? Having the top 8 teams go into playoffs, 9-13 keep their seeds for next season and are able to make roster changes during this stretch and 14-16 teams will have to play to keep their spots in pro league against the top 3 Challenger League teams who have earned a shot at competing for a pro league spot. I think we can go to top 16 Pro League spots again if ESL could.
  8. I'm more surprised that CLG lost to E6. E6 deserves the win, they came out on top. But I had CLG Being undefeated until playoffs and I knew they'll probably had a hard time with the other 3 teams in playoffs. Just happy that this week was extremely entertaining to watch.
  9. Bump it up. GT - Plague Ez - Bronx, NY
  10. I feel as if the team packs will be $9.99
  11. Very glad that APG is officially in OpTic now. I feel like he's a big factor for that team and they can definitely do great things with someone like APG
  12. What's up everyone! Free Agent for Season 2I'm looking for a good potential team/players to start a squad with or have something going with one another, I've Placed top 16 twice in Two Online Qualifiers, OQ#4 AND LCQ. Please have good placements in the Online Qualifier of Season 1. Contact me - Twitter.com/PmL_Plague GT- PPiague SEE YOU SOON!
  13. I just cannot wait until more things unfold and how they're going to hold tournaments for the Pro League. Will there be more spots for Pro League?
  14. I always get scared that they'll put me in Platinum or Diamond everytime they reset the ranks.
  15. I think it depends on how it's structured and who's running it. I think Bravo has power with the servers and such at LIVE events. But it all depends on how they decide to go about it since it'll be after regionals.
  16. That's not allowed to use Party Chat or skype at events. If it's events like X Games or HWC. No, since it'll be closed servers. But normal events like Local lans and such require that you download skype which can take quite awhile depending on how good the connection is. So it's preferred you take your Mixamp and daisy chain with each other. PS: if you have Astro TR. Your teammates would need Astro TRs as well for anyone of you to hear each other or there'll be some issues between you guys. So be careful. It's preferred you use the new Astro before the TR. unless you all have TR.
  17. Been playing Halo since H3. Been to 6 events. Recently got 13th at Daytona if that means anything to anyone. Just trying to explore as many options as possible for myself. I took a break playing H4 and H2A. But now I'm back trying to achieve my goals and be successful in the scene. GT - PPiague Twitter.com/ResenTPlague
  18. That's what you never want to do with someone who's really determined to win.
  19. After the X Games, Commonly is a Rookie Sensation. EG Proves Lethul wrong about switching teams. REGIONALS and World Champs is looking REALLY REALLY FUN TO WATCH!!!
  20. I Think there should be another one in NJ Maybe not Local Battles. And one in New York City. Tons of players will roll in from the Tri-state area and players from Baltimore and Virginia. Of course players from the United States will come to these events like Ambush and Status Quo.

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