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  1. I haven't come here since E3, Came back here because of Twitch Rivals. And then going back into slumber for another 6 months.
  2. Chris Lee talking about Infinite now - probably only campaign rn
  3. https://skyboxlabs.com/jobs/ We had a guy from skybox lab talk about indie game dev, so I talked to the guy a bit about Halo and he's working on the UI for slip space tools. he told me when he saw infinite, he squealed like a little girl and he's a fan of the old school Halo . 90% sure he's talking about campaign only tho.
  4. Just an FYI The engine is developed by both Skybox Labs and 343i.
  5. I don't post here alot anymore. But good luck to everyone here. Eta 1hour. May the ones who love it have a blessed hype day. May the ones who hate what they see find calm and closure and can finally move on to other pleasures in life.
  6. As an average viewer, with average gameplay who watches more Halo on stream than playing it, who enjoys watching MLG Team Slayer on Halo, especially on the last game, of the last series, what does that mean for me? Am I the type of player/viewer Halo is trying to attract?
  7. His voice from the top 10 MLG plays is literally my first step into esports
  8. For me personally as a viewer I find a no-scope in H3 more exciting than a no-scope in H5. I think it'll take time to get to smash melee numbers. Some people still don't know what's happening in the Halo world right now (and probably for the next 2 - 3 months), these tourneys and programs have to keep going for at least half a year and to keep this hype momentum.
  9. So many thoughts going through my head in this one. 1)Which team comp final boss is he referring to? 2)Isn't TD vs Str8 the prime story line? I mean I get the FB legacy, but the story between TD vs Str8 was what made me suuuupppperrr into comp halo
  10. I would say it depends on what you started with + grew up with. For me it's Halo 3
  11. Amazing new looking front page.......still no https
  12. I don't know what's the best place to put this, but I guess MCC is close enough. For anyone interested in the game dev industry, networking. - Halo Reach: Networking the gameplay
  13. Would it help mcc, if we start retweeting and faving the pro's sick clips on twitter?
  14. is there ranked match making in mcc h3 insider right now? cuz i'm playing like ass and I want to play with others who play like ass.
  15. Just played my first game of H3 insider, I couldn't tell how crisp the new build is since my shot accuracy is about 5%
  16. Seeing how he's part of the fortnite side of things I doubt it. At least we got snipedown and Ola
  17. I feel like the Winner of the Halo 3 2v2 got to be some well known pro player in the Halo 3 era, for the sake of marketing. "Oh snap Hysteria and Fearitself won the 2v2! That nostalgia!!"
  18. You know what..I haven't followed or watched HCS for past 8 months or so. And seeing how there's a "new" old game type back and different/new maps. It is refreshing AF.
  19. Wow I was expecting 1 call per game or something to get the details per game. Either way, I'm surprised Bungie's system doesn't think your trying to DDOS it or something, making that many calls lol

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