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  1. This is how iconic no sprint Halo is.... When the first words out of a content creators mouth is WALK YOU SON OF A BITCH and not "LOOK AT THESE GRAPHICS/ENVIRONEMNT", you know how damn iconic Classic Halo movement is.
  2. A streamer had an interview with one of the 343 guys and said it was a Jan/Feb? build. too lazy to find that stream or confirm it. edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/hwq1u4/alanah_pearce_confirms_this_is_an_early_build_348/
  3. Ah right, so it's that possibility of being able to run away and recharge makes it a relatively easy get away button? Which then in turns draws out the game even more.
  4. ....................................... I actually could.
  5. So after some thinking, I've been wondering. What are the solidified arguments against sprint? I've read things here and there and I realized my reasoning for sprint be bad for Halo is quite fractured. Can someone enlighten me with solid arguments and examples as to why sprint is bad? The most common argument I hear is that sprint causes maps to be designed bigger. Because you're not sprinting all the time, it makes you basically move slower around the map in general (since you're average speed will be slower). Then what would be the issue if you made the maps smaller (or the sizes designed for non sprint), but the sprint mechanics the same as H5, where you stop sprinting when you get shot. I know there's also the golden triangle - nade, shoot, melee? I'm assuming breaking that destroys the flow of your actions? As I said, I'm not 100% sure why the golden triangle is so important, but i know it's a good design philosophy for Halo, just not sure why.
  6. As long it's not like Gears 5 open world, it should be okay Gears 5 open world being large vast amount of nothingness in between you tasks
  7. Let's just hope the sniper is H3 level hard to use
  8. Benefit of the doubt, it's only for graphics on boxes that can support it. It's not a huge game changing feature. But if they say the same thing with forge, theater, Browser, Ranked on the other hand...
  9. Well it's that time of year again, to come back because of an announcement coming soon. And it's the same arguments for the past 10 years. Such nostalgia
  10. I haven't come here since E3, Came back here because of Twitch Rivals. And then going back into slumber for another 6 months.
  11. Chris Lee talking about Infinite now - probably only campaign rn
  12. https://skyboxlabs.com/jobs/ We had a guy from skybox lab talk about indie game dev, so I talked to the guy a bit about Halo and he's working on the UI for slip space tools. he told me when he saw infinite, he squealed like a little girl and he's a fan of the old school Halo . 90% sure he's talking about campaign only tho.
  13. Just an FYI The engine is developed by both Skybox Labs and 343i.
  14. I don't post here alot anymore. But good luck to everyone here. Eta 1hour. May the ones who love it have a blessed hype day. May the ones who hate what they see find calm and closure and can finally move on to other pleasures in life.
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