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  1. yeah that's what I was thinking of as well.
  2. PC + MKB Maybe I unplugged my controller and that actually affects something? ...idk .
  3. Did they reduce bloom on precision weapons? I feel like either i'm going crazy, or it's against bots, 0 ping, or something. .but i feel like all my shots are actually connecting and i can actually get kills now.
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/ResilientTenaciousFiddleheadsPanicVis-9WNZ54RZkqaE2uZd Apparently 343i knows what causes heavy aim in H5 and probably will make a GDC talk out of it?? Implied by Mikwen
  5. Anyone else think when in a sniper battle, the "glint" is not so much a glint, more like huge head lamps. Hard to see and aim at the head. COD does it perfectly with just a tiny why speck.
  6. have you tried it on controller? have you felt any difference?
  7. So i guess it's not just me whose can't seem to get any kills with my guns? Either Controller buffed Aim Assist, or my MKB aim is terrible, or my pistol shots aren't connecting, or my AR specifically can't kill anything, but something is wrong cuz I swear my reticle is over their bodies. Maybe my ping? 70ms isn't terrible. idk something is really bothering me with this game, that I want to play more to learn the meta. Or maybe the MM system sucked at first, cuz the first game I got matched up with a squad of 3 whose basically trying to go pro, and I was just learning the game, 2nd match I got matched with them again, and they did all the work for me. Getting steaked first 5 games.. woo. idk, sorry, i'm just ranting here.
  8. tbf, when you play on release, you won't be touching the bot playlist. only new players would be playing this and they'll think it's a challenge.
  9. Holy crap, when you don't full empty you pistol clip and reload, the animation is faster vs when you full empty a pistol clip.
  10. i honestly thought i saw a 4 shot. Might be wrong, but we'll know soon enough.
  11. It's 2021, I'm not hoping for it to "go back to its roots" anymore. Just gunna be happy if it's a good game with a good population in the future. Graphics look good imo. Looks like a fun game to mess around with with friends.
  12. This is how iconic no sprint Halo is.... When the first words out of a content creators mouth is WALK YOU SON OF A BITCH and not "LOOK AT THESE GRAPHICS/ENVIRONEMNT", you know how damn iconic Classic Halo movement is.
  13. A streamer had an interview with one of the 343 guys and said it was a Jan/Feb? build. too lazy to find that stream or confirm it. edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/hwq1u4/alanah_pearce_confirms_this_is_an_early_build_348/
  14. Ah right, so it's that possibility of being able to run away and recharge makes it a relatively easy get away button? Which then in turns draws out the game even more.
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