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  1. Hopefully scrims can hold us over for the next 2 months. The one positive of the pro league were the 2 days of streamed matches to look forward to each week
  2. hoping finals can at least break 10k, the nfl game should be over by then
  3. I noticed yesterday that Pistola was only like rank 18 while all the other pros are 48-50 in the hardcore playlist. Does he mainly play on smurfs? Or has he just not have played until recently? Do you think the lack of practice together caused them to be 1st rounded last night?
  4. Whats the difference between the qualifiers today and the ones on Saturday?
  5. Does anyone know if the points from the ugc online qualifiers are tied to teams or individual players? So if a player changed teams would they lose their points or would they carry over to their new roster?
  6. Do you think any casters (Elamite, Clutch, Walshy, Tsquared, Strongside) Would have any success if they were to return and compete in H3?
  7. Excited for the tourney next week. Interested to see if old pros will reform their classic teams, or if players will mix and match with current top players.

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