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  1. Halo 5's aiming is the underlying problem.

    The best and most simplistic advice I can give, is to virtually never sprint. Slow down your gameplay, and assess situations critically. Just because everyone else is zooming around doesn't mean you have to. It helps you focus on the enemy players positioning rather than where you need to be.


    The other thing I would say is to incorporate a strafe as your aiming. In this game especially, using the right stick to aim is a difficult task. Line your cursor up, and mainly use your left stick to dance around the enemy player. It will keep them on their toes, and keep your cursor on them when you need to fire.

  2. I could go for some remakes tbh. But any maps should be welcome, Halo 5 arena maps are trash for the most part.


    To my knowledge, the remake submission thread on Waypoint will focus on previous title forge maps, with H2 BR starts, so I am assuming abilities will be turned off.

    Has 343 put in any Forge maps in a non-"DLC" update?

    I believe the infection maps are in MM without being forced on your harddrive. I could be wrong. However I really think that none of the forge maps should be definite additions to our files. If I want to delete the awful BTB maps or Orion, I should be able to. The only forge map I am happy about in MM right now would be Scavenger.


    Do you really think Quinn would let forge maps in his precious Arena playlist? Really?


    What else would they call the thread? "4v4 Forgetacular Playist", or something equally lame? They're asking for Arena maps, but not explicitly for the Arena playlist.

    I don't believe they have a choice at this point. They have tried ultra-competitive circuit but who wants to watch 3 or 4 seasons of HCS on Fathom? Nobody. Nobody wants that. People have a misconception that Dev maps are superior for pro level play, but that is not true. They are just the most played on, and figured out maps. Pros could easily study forge maps being introduced, and if they don't, they wont win. It would make HCS much better. They just have to choose maps that look extraordinary. Why play white blocky maps in the most advertised aspect of the game? It would look bad. If they choose to use maps like Twice Forsaken, or Loading Zone, it would be more well received by the public, and show off the potential of current forge.


    If they don't put maps into the Arena playlist, maybe they will make a social arena playlist as an alt.

  3. You can't be serious? If Halo ever needed community maps in matchmaking, it is right now. Halo 5 DEV maps are the most generic flat creations that allow boring encounters and stale gameplay. As a leader in the forge community, I can assure you I have played infinitely better competitive forge maps than anything 343 has made. A lack of content in H5 is real, and we need more variety all around the board. You have nothing to lose if the correct maps are chosen. That is a risk I'm willing to take if it means a refreshing stock of maps.

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  4. Hey everyone, 

    For a long time now I've been playing Halo, in fact, for about most of my life. I've grown to care so much about this franchise over the years. The community has always been a fun and friendly place to escape to and sink into my favorite hobby of map design, as well as play competitively. However as of the last few title releases, the community has slowly grown somewhat resentful towards the developer 343 industries, and with reasonable cause. Halo has begun to feel less and less like Halo with every new release. I've heard people express their hatred for the game, yet they still play it. This is true loyalty. Not only to a game series, but to a fascinating world they fell in love with over a decade ago. I'm throwing my hat in the ring to talk about the current direction Halo has taken. This video series will explore first and foremost the biggest issues the majority of the fanbase has with 343 industries as well as the games current standing. I discuss the core mechanics of the game from an objective standpoint. My opinion may be heard, but I express everything from a neutral point of view. 

    I want to know what you think of these videos as I post them, so be sure to let me, as well as the community, hear your voiced opinions on the current state of the franchise.


    Join the discussion on Reddit here

    So let's jump right in.



    Episode 1 - Intro / Legacy

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  5. I started this map with the goal of bettering Halo 3's Isolation. After numerous obstacles while forging (Object limit, light budget, physics budget) It has finally been completed. It is a completely new design that plays off Isolation's art style. Works for 2v2 gameplay, free for all gameplay, and 4v4 fast paced gameplay. There has been a lot of thought into this map, and a lot of hard work. 










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  6. The idea seems awesome, but one thing not mentioned is how would you fail?  If there's no possibility to fail it feels pointless.


    Maybe 3 lives per member of the fire team, the catch being that if one member of your fire team is elminated, your whole fire team fails out.  I say this because if it comes down to 2-3 people finishing the game it would be like watching someone play campaign on legendary. It would be too long as there would be a large reliance on cover, which would then make people quit out from watching something stale and extended.  On top of that it encourages teamwork to survive.


    Or maybe you have 35 lives for all 12 people and if that drains the match ends.


    I never played Destiny so I'm not sure how the raiding of it works but I feel like an element of losing would have to be there. 


    Good points, time could be a big factor here, like in warzone assault, if you can't complete an objective in time you lose. Let's say the scarab is destroying a specific building and you need to stop it in time. Or maybe for the chieftain respawning is restricted, and you get one life while he charges you. It would be more like a boss fight in firefight.


    I feel as though if there was a life pool there would be trolls who suicide repeatedly, and ruin the game.

  7. I like Warzone just the way it is.


    That's absolutely fine.

    This mode wouldn't replace Warzone, rather be an addition, similar to how we have Warzone Assault. The mock name I came up with is Warzone: Invasion.

    It being an addition to H5 would mean we have 3 specific modes of Warzone; PvEvP / PvP / PvE


    It could use many assets we already have, expand the game, and offer a different experience. You wouldn't lose a thing, except maybe a few REQ cards while playing ;)

  8. 1.) warzone being bad because of the spawn points of the bosses isnt really a good argumentation mostly since they are not as bad as you describe them to be

    pretty sure at least half if not more bosses spawn outside of 10on10 areas, eg the big bosses snow map guardian, jungle map wraith and phaeton, desert map guardian and banshee, all spawn like on the farest non-10on10 point possible on the map to spread out the players

    also most mini-bosses dont spawn in 10on10 areas, pretty sure the number of overall bosses to spawn in 10on10 areas is more like 30% so rather low


    2.) to add into your idea id maybe put up some stronger incentive to play that playlist

    the way you described it such a gamemode would probably run for a good 20-30 minutes requireing lots of teamplay

    a guaranteed req-pack as a reward for winning the game with eg one guaranteed ultra rare or rare in it could attrackt players outside of REQ points and EXP points that you normally get for just idling in the game


    1.) The problem isn't where they spawn, the 10x10 area is symbolic meaning they stay where they spawn. Some people like it, some don't.


    2.) Maybe around 2,500-3,000 req points per game and a guaranteed silver or gold to the one who assassinates the boss?

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  9. I like Warzone just the way it is.

    I understand many people do in fact love it the way it is, and my intention was not to get it replaced. This is simply what I expected when it was announced, and think it would be a fantastic addition to the game, considering it can work with the same assets we have now.


    I thought that's what it actually was going to be when I first heard about it, but alas.

    As did I. It's not that I'm against Warzone in its current form, but I just think there is a missed opportunity.


    Why aren't you a 343 employee?


    @@Sal1ent needs to see this.

    That would be a dream come true. I appreciate the support!

  10. This is my concept for a new game mode for Halo.

    It would offer an experience similar to Destiny's Raid system.

    3 fire teams of 4, fighting to regroup. It is a combination of points from Warzone, Firefight, and Spartan Ops

    It would use the same exact REQ system in place for current Warzone, and in no way is meant to replace the current game type.

    It could be an added PvE mode variant of Warzone, similar to how we have Warzone Assault, this could be Warzone Invasion or something of the sort.


    Let me know what you think, feel free to play with the idea, criticize, what have you.



    UPDATE: I was given the idea from someone else via Youtube, that the bosses could stack, so instead of boss to boss battles, failing to defeat yours in time, another comes making it even more challenging. Same goes for the final boss. Mini bosses coming into the fight against the scarab, or choppers with the chieftain. This would increase the challenge and actually give a respective name "Warzone" because so much is happening at once. It could get out of hand very quickly if not dealt with.

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  11. Guardian (proportions changed a bit) and Construct


    Damnation would be cool too.


    I think Guardian and Lockout style maps would be terrible for H5 mechanics.

    Damnation would be interesting I think. 


    I would say overall that Ghost Town, Prisoner, Damnation, Timberlands, and Isolation would be interesting fits.

    However knowing 343i we will prob get a "Spire" remake. Because "The community really wanted it back" or something stupid like that. 

  12. This December update really frustrates me as a fan.
    We aren't getting anything new at all in it. 

    • Recycled Warzone bases with a city skybox
    • Recycled Plaza with slightly different skin
    • A forge map remake of Burial Mounds (Could be made by anyone... and was.)
    • Classic armor and weapons that already existed in previous titles
    • A Forge mode that should of been at launch
    • REQ packs that are most likely reskinned UNSC vehicles as if we need any more of those.

    They are simply dishing out content that was removed from launch to fool players into thinking they are getting "more" for "free" 

    and that it is all thanks to the REQ system. That is not at all the case. The January update will include a reskinned Fathom, Feb. with a reskinned Coliseum, and so on.

    By the time the "free content" period is over, Halo 5 will only have as much content as any other Halo games launch. If that.

    It is no wonder the numbers are so low. Heading into 2016 and we still have no mention of game types other than Slayer, CTF, or Strongholds.


    If you can actually look at the content we're getting and defend 343i then please take your business to the Waypoint forums.

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  13. Any show that has a predetermined universe will be slightly predictable. I did highly enjoy the scene of Nicholas saying "thank you" atop the dumpster. Thought it was fantastic storytelling. I was in fact hoping that Glenn would not have walked out alive. I was hoping that Maggie would eventually find him as a walker and create a more dynamic set of problems. As I have grown to like Glenn, it seems as though he always comes out of insane situations perfectly fine, which I think is getting too predictable. 

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