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    Axe is the only good pikachu, so if you want to get good with Pikachu you are going to need to study basically only him.



    Where do you live? You can try to find some local tournaments. That's the best way to get experience. Also netplay has never been better, thats also a viable option.


    Central minnesota, I would love to try some tourneys. I will have to check to see if anything goes on in minneapolis.

    I've been watching some axe, and he can sure pull off some crazy stuff. I only have melee, but my buddy and I are looking into project M. 

    Hows smash wii u hold up?

  2. It was plain and boring compared to BO2, but its better than any cod released since.


    I think BO3 kids would get an aneurysm reading that, but I agree. 

    I thought they tried some really cool things in the game though.

    Levels that morphed during gameplay, multi sight scopes... The campaign was a lame action movie, but overall I enjoyed it.

  3. So I went to a LAN party this weekend, and dominated with Pikachu. I was going up against pretty solid guys who mained Shiek and Falcon.

    I haven't seen much of the pro play, but I know Fox and Falcon usually dominate the scene. How does Pikachu hold up?

  4. I think WWII will do great in sales. Not only because it is a more classic approach to CoD, but because it will be gritty and dark, unlike BO3 and IW where you have dancing and robot dogs. Who knows. I'm sure they'll find a way to shove micro transactions in there for something, but nobody will be happy if people are dabbing at Dunkirk.

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  5. I assume you agree that H5 maps > Reach maps as well?



    The Rig is probably the best map in H5 from a map designers standpoint.


    I would disagree, I'm not sure what exactly makes you think that, but the back of Rig is a massive flat open and low no man's land that extends from PC to Shotgun... Other than that, the rig would be one of the better maps in H5 alone, but I think it gets beat out by Plaza or Eden. Not that I find any of these maps to be interesting as a designer.

  6. What are you, 6 years old? The point is that we needn't care about remakes, because each game stands on its own. No other argument needs to be made if that's true.


    Your disagreement appears to stem from the concern that we are unable to reproduce blockbuster successes like Blackout on the Halo 5 engine. Yeah, I'm not concerned about that. I don't want to play remakes. There is nothing interesting about playing Damnation on Reach. 






    We in fact, SHOULD care about remakes, because they show us that the game is shying away from its core. Maps that thrived in classic Halo games are remembered and longed for due to the interesting encounters and memories made on them. There is nothing memorable about any Halo 5 maps in terms of gameplay, let alone art. I would rather play Damnation in Halo 5 over quite honestly, any of the developer maps. Would it play as good as CE? No. Of course not, but as I already stated, that is not the argument. I understand that each game stands on its own, but you need to understand that if a classic map simply cannot work on a new game on any level, the core gameplay has morphed into something unrecognizable. I don't want to play that game, I want to play Halo.

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  7. I'd like to address this argument because I see it a lot.


    If a player can effectively escape a situation, then the moralizing that they *should* have died is irrelevant. In the spirit of Sirlin's "Play to Win", there is no 'should'. There is no moral way to play the game.


    If you want to have a discussion of whether it is so easy to escape kills *in general* that the game needs to be changed, then we can talk about that. But you can't take it case by case and say "see, he would have died here if this was Halo 3. This is bad for gameplay". You have to ask whether the overall game balance is actually off first. And this is where your case falls down, because it is patently easy and common to kill people who are out of position in Halo 5, because the kill speeds are nice and fast.




    The abilities add more options. This is not the same thing as randomization. This is uncertainty due to player strategy, which, as we discussed above, can be a good thing. Again, the proof is in the pudding: you see people throw pre-nades and check sniper sightlines with great success. However many movement options you have in this game, it still seems to be finite enough that good players can get a gut-feeling or a hunch that you're going to be pushing overlook or whatever it is.



    Again, you're comparing apples to oranges. I don't care that those jumps would be easy to make (some of them still wouldn't, by the way). Those are Guardian jumps, and Guardian is not a Halo 5 map. Halo 5 has its own maps which have their own character, and they have plenty of difficult jumps. I can show you 15 Halo 5 jumps that wouldn't be possible with Halo 3's dynamics, but I feel certain this wouldn't be persuading to you. Do you not see the double standard? There are no jumps that 'should' be hard.



    Same comments as above, essentially. Who cares? Damnation doesn't play well in Halo 2, do we think it's a bad map because of that? Maps are built for 1 game. That's why I have to specify that H2 + Warlock is better than H1 + Wizard. 


    If a player can escape a situation, it means the gameplay mechanics enable players who initiate bad plays by location themselves in terrible map locations or by pushing and failing. It is the reason these issues are brought up in the first place, it is the most relevant thing to discuss, so I have no idea what you're attempting to explain. This topic has nothing to do with morals, it is about actions and consequences. Make a bad play, get punished. Plain and simple. However, abilities add a handicap that empowers players who make poor decisions by removing them from the consequences of their actions.


    It isn't about saying "he would have died if this were Halo 3" that is a drop in the water bucket of ignorance. We're talking about abilities, the argument is to remove them because they worsen gameplay. Whether it is CE, H2, H3, or even Reach Pro settings, you do not get a "get out of jail free" card that is abilities. There is a huge difference between standing in the middle of nowhere and being too far from cover. H5 allows people to be too far from cover because they can thrust and increase movement to get back to safety, where as classic Halo meant you needed to engage rather than run. You could out-play them, this is hardly the case in H5 due to the escapability abilities grant.


    randomization is uncertainty. so I have no idea what you are arguing. The gut feeling you are referring to is the position in which the enemy heads to, that puts you in harms way. The issue here is the predictability in timing that abilities break. If I know you are headed to "outlook" or wherever, I can pre-nade that position, but there is randomization in the movement, so there is no way of knowing when and if my grenade will affect the enemy at all. They could very well be there as I'm throwing my grenade due to slide boosting, and at that point, it is too late. Again, Randomization IS uncertainty. 


    I'm not comparing apples to oranges, unless of course you mean classic Halo to current Halo, in which case, yes they are two completely different things that are hardly relatable. You should care that those jumps would be insanely easy to make, because you said it yourself in a sense. It removes a skill gap of having to accurately determine where your feet will land and the physics that come with it compared to halo 5 where you just need to get close to any edge, and an animation locks you into making the jump. Imagine a baseball field. You get an automatic point for a home-run, but just being in the ballpark doesn't cut it.


    "Who cares?" Great argument. While remakes may not perform exactly as they did in the previous title, they still function successfully. I refer you back to Lockout and getting across map in a single jump. Gameplay is shattered. H3's Blackout wasn't received as well as Lockout, but it still function at it's core the same. You have no valid argument here.


    Molten, anyone? Are people just trying to forget that map? If so, I understand. It's awful.


    That map with 8 pairs of plasma grenades and only one relevant location on the map that houses a sniper rifle? Pshh, nah.


    How are you not gonna list Overgrowth in that list of irredeemable maps lmao



    Ahahah easily one of the worst maps in the franchise, right next to Molten and Riptide. Funny how even HCS ignores these maps.

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  8. Yes, but Chess is not the only game in the world. Risk vs. reward is exactly how you play, for instance, poker. Uncertainty due to true randomness is a bad gameplay element in my opinion, but uncertainty due to unknown opponent strategy is more interesting.


    Imagine a game like Chess where you both decide on a move simultaneously, and then reveal your selection at the same time. You would need some rules to resolve captures, but this would definitely be an interesting game. (EDIT: Apparently this is already a thing. Check it out: http://www.hexenspiel.de/engl/synchronous-chess/)


    Part of what makes Halo cool is that it is not turn-based. You have to simultaneously make moves and predict moves. You don't KNOW that somebody is coming around the corner, but you can reason that they might. I would describe pre-nading a cutoff as a risk vs. reward proposition, because you are potentially wasting a grenade and betraying your own position based on the potential reward of dropping their shields. It's not as simple as "all risk vs. reward elements are bad".


    Correct, Halo is not a turn based game, so when the two pieces move into the same spot at the same time, it is decided by skill who wins and dies based off strategy. But the abilities in this game allow players to escape encounters they should be in. They sprint away, thrust behind a wall, or just climb over the enemies head to escape. You mention predictability, yet all the abilities add nothing but randomization to the movement, which breaks predictability.


    How do we feel about clamber if it doesn't prevent you from shooting?



    I'm 50/50 on clamber because it really helps with the map design. Halo 5 makes it feel like you can just fly, but the maps are still very vertical. Imagine how impossible a map like plaza becomes when you get rid of clamber.


    Another thing is that it's easy to say that clamber made jumping easier, but really it just expanded which jumps are possible. The hardest jumps are still hard to hit, it's just that you're barely reaching the clamber range rather than barely clearing the platform with your feet. In the case of jumps that are possible but tricky to make without clamber, it gives you a way to add some skillgap while keeping the movement lane a main thoroughfare. For instance, you can jump from snipe to the couch on Coliseum without clambering, but you have to jump and crouch exactly right. It gives you a nice advantage when you're trying to push up on somebody top rockets because it doesn't leave you open for the first shot mid-clamber. However, if people missed that jump 75% of the time, it would significantly reduce the flow in that area of the map, because going up snipe ramp suddenly traps you.


    This concept is an important point: you can't go around making every jump and every gun impossible to use, because while it sets a theoretically huge skill ceiling, it causes a race to the bottom. Imagine basketball where the hoop was the same size of the ball + 1 inch. Nobody is that consistently accurate, so essentially the only thing you can do is dunk. Halo is no different.



    Separate idea:

    What if sliding gave you a general technique for becoming nearly frictionless for a half second? This is pretty close to what it does now. But suppose you could build up some speed and then slide into a sloped surface, essentially launching off of it like a ramp? With this mechanic, you might be able to get some CPMA-like movement where vertical movement was possible without clamber.


    Clamber doesn't add a skill gap, or even sustain the gap. It kills it. Let me know how skillful these jumps are if you have clamber and thruster.


    So the jump from yard to top yellow would be make-able by simply crouch jumping up? That jump height would have to be 2x the height of a spartan, minimum. Don't think you've thought this through..


    Imagine a 1:1 scale of lockout in H5. Now you can slide boost from BR 3 to S2. Should you be able to cross the map in one jump? No. Why isn't Lockout in H5? Abilities. Not that I want it back, but if they did bring it back, it would be overly stretched out and terrible. Example: Midship-Truth.


    Halo 5 has the best maps since Halo 2, so it can't have been that negative..




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  9. Except Process from Gears 1 and UE, where if it comes down to 1v1 you could play ring around the rosey around the center circle until the end of time. I always thought that was hilarious.


    If I had a nickel for every time I, or my opponent, played ring around the rose in H5... I would be premium here.

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  10. FYI to anyone into Gears on here that doesn't keep up with the gears twitter scene:


    It's been confirmed by community manager that weekly/daily challenges that reward packs and credits are being implemented. It's also been confirmed that weapon settings for core are being tweaked at some point soon.


    All good news there.

  11. mean lancer? if so yea the lancer is a good not but not too powerful it makes weapon use important in each scenario 


    Yes I did and I can't even believe I made that mistake, I'm not THAT guy. I'm actually pretty decent at Gears. Not great, but I can hold my own.

    I really enjoy the game. Unlike Halo, the gameplay mechanics make map design unbreakable. I respect the hell out of that. 

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  12. Things like the Trip Mine, Grav Lift, Power Drain and occasionally the bubble shield in btb were tons of fun when I played socially, I would love stuff like that as well as some fresh ideas to be implemented in future Halo's.


    I think equipment would be fantastic for future Halo games. Honestly, if they were all in the form of grenades that you could throw anywhere, I'd love it. Equipment was probably the least broken addition to the original Halo sandbox.

  13. Seems strange that people give the BPR a free pass when it's one of the best guns in the game. It's a more-accurate Storm Rifle that shreds through OS with no effort, and has a crazy-fast swap speed that pairs well with a BR. 2 shots+melee will kill, 2 shots+BR headshot kills, and 3 shots breaks shields.

    It seems to do it's job well enough compared to the storm rifle, it primarily drains shields but takes longer to drain health. It is clearly better than it should be, but it would be irrelevant in H5 if it wasn't still too powerful. Yes, it is far too accurate though. And when you combine it with the magnetic melee system this game has (I swear you don't have to look at people to melee them) you get an OP weapon. I don't even use a magnum on Molten, why would I when I can crouch camp with BPR and watch radar.


    Has anyone tested the H2 BR primary? for 4v4 's

    The H2BR feels better than the H5 one, but has insane amounts of bullet mag and fires so quickly, it may as well be an automatic.


    It doesn't matter. It didn't register.



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  14. Simple question, should Halo 6 and onwards include sprint? Personally, I want sprint removed, and I want to gauge TB's opinion on this, similar to my radar thread. The thread will be anonymous, so don't worry if you have an unpopular opinion.


    @@Deez @@Sal1ent @@Bravo



    - Immersion (Putting your weapon down to run is immersive? Pretty sure spartans can sprint and shoot accurately at the same time.)

    - Risk vs reward (Intentionally putting yourself at risk is a bad move competitively, and you can get rewarded for making bad plays.)

    - You move faster-Waypoint (A fast moving base movement speed IS sprinting, putting your weapon down to simulate going faster is a placebo effect.)



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