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  1. Holy shit. This game has been amazing. What a match so far. Let's go nV!
  2. I feel like this is unfair. The stream was shit on Friday and only slightly better yesterday but it it's been fine so far today. The new settings also make the game so much better to watch. Okay, they made a pretty big mistake there. But still, that was a fantastic game.
  3. Have they changed the CTF OT rules? I thought if it was tied 1-1 then capturing a flag wouldn't end the game... If I'm understanding it correctly the only mistake which was made is that he was told he could play in the top 24 when in reality he couldn't? It's a bit shit to get his hopes up but I'm not sure that really warrants a full refund...
  4. When does the stream start up again today? Edit: Nevermind, decided to not be lazy and I found the schedule.
  5. Ghost calling out the shitty choice of main stage matches there. Let's go LG!
  6. It's such a shame that the first event with these settings has been such a sham. The gameplay has actually been really enjoyable to watch but it's marred so much by the poor production.
  7. Whilst it sucks I reckon the reason we're not seeing EG vs LG is because they decided which matches get streamed ahead of time. They absolutely should have delayed by a few minutes to switch them around though.
  8. What are the odds the timer increases at the end? Edit: I am super late.
  9. I think they did work through the night, I mean it worked for 5 minutes. That's damn impressive. We can't expect too much guys, come on.
  10. Aaaaaaand Wonderboy is really quiet. And it's fixed! That was quick.
  11. The audio actually sounds good! And group is spelt correctly! Big improvement so far.
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