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  1. Frankly, yeah you are. Just because I don't immediately come on here to complain about every issue I have with 343/Halo doesn't mean I don't have any problems with them. The MCC was a complete mess, I've said that multiple times. My comment about it being too ambitious wasn't a defence of 343, I was pointing out that the MCC was more likely the fault of poor management than an inability to code properly. On a different note, it looks like the throwback/classic playlist won't have weapon pads. Instead they're using scripting for static weapon spawns: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=237304719&postcount=13810 http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=237305604&postcount=13812 He also says the playlist is likely months away though
  2. That's more than any other game I have on my Xbox, I don't really have a whole lot of time to actually play games. That is a load of bullshit.
  3. I'm pretty sure every one already guessed this but I am. Despite all it's issues and how 343 has mishandled it, Halo 5 is still some of the most fun I've had playing games. So yeah, I'm excited for 6.
  4. Lol, let's be honest, the fact that I actually like Halo 5 and don't hate 343 means I never had any credibility here to begin with. MCC was fucked because it had like 5 different developers trying to mash 5 games/4 game engines each with different net code together into one game. It was far too ambitious for the time they had to make it. Should have been delayed or massively cut down.
  5. Xbox 1 will run it at 30fps therefore Scorpio will run it at 30fps. They won't let some players have the advantage of 60 vs 30fps. ​I've already said the MCC was obviously worse than Destiny. I'm just pointing out some parallels. Although I personally got way more money's worth out of the MCC than Destiny. The campaigns had some issues but worked for the most part and I spent many hours playing them again.
  6. I'm not saying either company is better. I'm saying that Bungie isn't exactly some perfect messiah and that a lot of the shit we (rightly) give 343 also applies to them. The MCC was obviously a worse situation than what happened with Destiny, however, there are some interesting parallels. Because some people would rather see Halo fail than succeed under 343. I don't get it either.
  7. 343 sold a half broken game and Bungie sold half a game for full price then split the other half into multiple £20 chunks.
  8. We complain about 343 having to patch in expected features for Halo 5. Bungie just makes you buy a whole new game.
  9. Frankly, Halo 6 could be the best game in the series and Destiny would still likely be played more.
  10. I don't hope it sucks but given Bungie's downward trend I'm not optimistic.
  11. I find these two points quite interesting when posted together. Here's a very brief explanation of why: 343 without Quinn DelHoyo = Halo 4 343 with Quinn DelHoyo = Halo 5
  12. Well the HCS team is part of 343 which is owned by Microsoft so the money all comes from Microsoft. I highly doubt there's any info out there on how 343's budge is allocated. I imagine (and this is a guess) that the HCS budget is part of the marketing budget. As that's effectively what any esport is for the dev/publisher.
  13. Do you think that Halo would be a bigger esport now had 343 never been made and Reach was the last Halo?
  14. I'm not saying people are wrong to worry. I wasn't making any comment on the situation actually. I was merely lightly poking fun at the reaction over here.
  15. + 500 to 600 on Beam. (Which is actually really good, interface is nicer than Twitch's)
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