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  1. To be fair to Ronin, audio issues like that are a big disadvantage. Shit situation for both teams really.
  2. Seems like they intentionally stopped the game because Ronin had audio issues.
  3. Did they intentionally stop the match because of audio issues? That's a bit of a sketchy decision, especially at a moment like that. Edit: Damn. That's a shit scenario.
  4. It's funny, everyone was really excited about Halo being at Dreamhack before this shit started happening... I mean, thanks for proving my point I guess?
  5. Alright, I'm changing my complaint to "Fuck Comcast". Surely we can all agree on this one right? Oh, nope, apparently Frank can't.
  6. Now would be the time to start complaining about ESL, they've clearly got the internet working again so why are we stuck staring at a welcome screen?
  7. This right here is a completely legit complaint to make though.
  8. ESL can't provide a stream if the venue can't provide internet. And again, Dreamhack does not equal ESL, repeating it over and over again doesn't make it true. Like I said before, that's like claiming 343 and The Coalition are the same because Microsoft owns both of them. No one is excusing anything. Saying "Fuck you ESL" achieves fuck all though.
  9. Simms would apologise to us and take the blame if a comet hit the venue and caused the stream to die. Dude is just too cool like that. We were all really fucking happy that Halo was going to Dreamhack before. Now that they're having issues it's "Fuck you ESL, why didn't you predict the venue would have had internet issues before hand?!" Alright, I can see that you aren't going to let facts get in the way of your circlejerk. Carry on boys.
  10. Dreamhack screwed up (according to info we have) so fuck ESL because a company with the controlling stake in ESL also owns Dreamhack. Okay.
  11. Isn't that exactly what I just said? They're two seperate companies owned by MTG.
  12. ESL and Dreamhack are seperate entities owned by the same company. That's like saying 343 = The Coalition because they're both owned by Microsoft.
  13. There's not really a whole lot ESL can do if the internet is down...
  14. Oh, I wasn't paying attention during the break. Is it still a problem?
  15. You sure you guys don't have both the halo.gg site open and the stream? Halo.gg has the stream embedded. Audio is absolutely fine for me.
  16. Use this link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/esports For some reason the US site doesn't seem to be updated.
  17. The reason for no LAN is because H5 literally doesn't have any P2P code in it. It's all based on dedicated servers.
  18. Pretty sure he's talking about this website, not the series as a whole...
  19. Are you trying to say that H5 had the worst launch in history?
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