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  1. So why not say the next installment of Halo? Or future Halo project?


    Its an example of 343 being vague when there is absolutely no reason to be. That's what is strange.

    There's also absolutely no reason to state "future Halo project" rather than "future project". We already know they're working on a Halo title because they are literally the Halo company. It makes no difference saying one or the other.
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  2. So? If people enjoy them, let them be.


    Some of the posts I'm reading are insufferable. If you don't like CoD that's fine, but some seem to make it their mission to talk down to a game that is on another tier right now. I'm starting to get the whole 2007-2010 vibe all over.


    The whole irony is that Halo's been chasing CoD ideas and gameplay for 5+ years now - and now we want to talk about what's the better game? C'mon guys, we are better than this. Each game has their obvious faults, no game is perfect.

    Out of the string of posts on this you chose to respond to mine?


    I'm not even saying the gameplay is bad, only that it's not particularly competitive, at least relative to other esport titles.

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  3. Damn it man, I feel bad for laughing- but the part where you were glad that the game strayed from the marketing because it added suprise - actually made me Lol. Almost woke up my kid.


    They went from a marketing campaign that featured high quality story telling to something utterly nonsensical in the actual release. SURPRISE!


    I know your opinion has shifted a bit since the honeymoon but I just got a chuckle out of that.

    Yeah, you've got a point, that line right there was a load of rubbish. That said I would rather have completely irrelevant marketing than marketing which spoiled too much.


    I do still think the backlash over the marketing was disproportionate to the actual problem though.

  4. Some things never change lmao

    I stand by most of that.


    Only thing I'd say is that on subsequent playthroughs I realized the story was pretty bad. It's all just set up for 6. But hey, honeymoon period and all that.


    I've got to say though, I'm surprised some of you are still here talking about this game considering your apparently dislike of it.

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