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  1. You're misunderstanding -- if they go to Losers Round 1, there's no one else for them to play in that round (they don't face each other), so they all automatically advance forward one round, to face the people who fell from Pool Play as 9-12, so that bye round is truncated, and what would be Losers Round 2 otherwise is instead Losers Round 1.

    Teams 5 - 8 from the open bracket go straight to losers round 1 though.

  2. Even if you dual box, we would appreciate any support on MLG.tv this weekend! Will be big for showing the strength of the relationship to my internal stake holders!


    Should be a great show.


    EDIT!: Also would love feedback so I can send to Engineering.

    Some slightly related feedback, Halo doesn't feature anywhere on mlg.com.


    I'm making a thread on ResetEra to discuss Orlando/the rest of the HWC and I was going to link mlg.com but there doesn't seem to be any point... 

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  3. 9-12 from Pool Play would be Losers Round 1 so the people coming from Open on the bottom half have an opponent (Technically, Open 2nd just has bye round to Losers Round 2 and both teams meet there, but you truncate it to Losers Round 1)  At least, that's how it should work?

    So where do 13 - 16 from pool play go?


    I thought that 9 - 12 would populate losers round 2 whilst 13 - 16 go to losers round 1...

  4. Can someone explain to me exactly how the format will actually work this weekend?


    From what I've gathered the top 4 teams from the open bracket will join pool play and the next 4 from the open will go straight into the Championship losers bracket round 1. Then the top 8 from pool play will seed the Championship Winners bracket whilst the bottom 4 seed the rest of the losers bracket round 1. Teams 9-12 from pool play will go into the losers bracket round 2. 


    Is that right?  

  5. That's not how it works.


    Those two extra seconds allow much more of an opportunity for a team to grab a flag, or cap a stronghold. In an "All Four Dead" scenario, the accumulated time for each dead player to respawn and fight creates a much larger window to the opposing team to do work. In layman's terms, the slower respawn would quicken Objective games. Fathom Flag would instantly become a better gametype.


    On the opposite side, Slayer needs a faster respawn. Since the goal is to control Power Weapons and kill the enemy team 50 times, the players themselves are the objective. Too much downtime between respawns is a detriment to the gametype. Quicker spawns means players are in the fight more often, and collapses would happen less.


    Now let's hope this is remedied in the next Halo.

    Pretty sure slyfox was saying Truth flag would be too quick with 10 second respawn.

  6. What makes it even more fucking stupid is that all that shit was planned beforehand, so the "REQ system will help pay for content" was, and still is a sham. Microsoft, their game division, and 343 are not a bunch of penniless paupers who need to beg and plead gamers to fund their multi-billion dollar business. That planned content was coming regardless of REQ sales.

    It was planned on the basis that the reqs they sold would fund it.


    I feel like this shouldn't have to be explained...

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    I'm sure the outward facing portions of their jobs are absolutely miserable, but the passive aggressiveness Ellis, Menke, and Grim show with their tweets and RTs are hot trash. The lack of perspective is increasingly frustrating.


    Assuming this is related to Neighbor's tweet- his reply is substantially less professional (if you could even consider Neighbor's hashtag unprofessional). If it's not related, it's an excellent lesson on why not to be cryptic on social media.


    You are essentially threatening a guy's career after he likely expressed he was leaving because the series wasn't going in a direction he liked. This, after "I wish them the best moving forward and I am very thankful for the last four years." That is about as petty as it gets, and frankly annoys me more than any gameplay decision. Be better. Have higher standards.

    There are a lot of assumptions being made here...

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  8. So i heard the news.

    Don't get me wrong, this is terrific news. MLG coming back to the scene is fantastic.

    However, the impact they can make to this game, at this point in it's life is minimal.

    This is made worse by the fact 343 still controls the settings, I mean come on guys let the experts handle this, they look after all the settings for COD, let them do the same here. So we have a great TO but an average game, and shit settings.


    Don't get me wrong this is a giant leap in the right direction, but I just can't get that excited as MLG hasn't been give full licensee over the settings and as we have seen with 343, they cannot be trusted with such things. In essence what really is changing ?


    In esssence we are on third of the way to being in dream land.


    Great game - no

    Great settings - no

    Great TO - yes


    All we have now is a better platform, nothing else changes

    Besides the obvious in removing Spartan abilities, what would you want changed from the current HCS settings?

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