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  1. I think this right here is an incredibly underrated ability to possess lol. I was thinking about it with playing through the most recent AC game, actually. And the Halo games are interesting because it's so hard to pin down one game in a lot of ways because the distinct elements can offer such specific experiences. Also, talk about campaigns and mentions of lore here make me all warm and fuzzy. <3

    Gaming is such a subjective medium that I think the idea of a "best" game is actually rather silly.


    You can make arguments based on which is the most competitive game or the most popular overall but frankly, as Moses said, the best game is the one you enjoyed the most.

  2. You missed the point of the post.


    Next "season"/year we should remove that distinction and any team that wants to compete worldwide, whether it's EU, ANZ, NA, etc can compete in any of the "open" events on the circuit. The top 16 teams qualify, just like that. Think it would benefit EU teams greatly in the long run and make all events more interesting/profitable.

    It would give players who can't afford to travel half way around the world a major disadvantage though...

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  3. I went to a local LAN in Michigan when the closed server app first dropped and I think we had ONE disconnect in 48 hours of constant gaming, and the disconnect wasn't even a server drop, only one person got booted. We were running it on pretty high end PCs so I'm thinking this is an issue from the hardware being used.


    I was told they know what the bug is and it's gonna be fixed before our regionals, not sure if that means for the rest of the LANs. Hopefully it does get fixed though.

    From the start I thought that using Surfaces seemed like a weird idea...



    Edit: I'm out.

  4. THREE YEARS and this game is still broken for tournament play.


    Shame that a team might lose a series because of it. 


    I'll tune in later for the finals, hopefully there wont be so many resets. 

    That Rig crash, whilst very annoying, didn't lose Vexed that game, let alone the series. 


    They were up in points but they only had BR base when it crashed. They then had the advantage in the reset, came very close to winning and still lost it.


    I'm not defending how shitty the crashes have been etc. but it didn't cause Vexed to lose the series.

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