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  1. Gaming is such a subjective medium that I think the idea of a "best" game is actually rather silly. You can make arguments based on which is the most competitive game or the most popular overall but frankly, as Moses said, the best game is the one you enjoyed the most.
  2. It would give players who can't afford to travel half way around the world a major disadvantage though...
  3. What about a double disconnect? Oh wait, everyone loses in that scenario.
  4. From the start I thought that using Surfaces seemed like a weird idea... Edit: I'm out.
  5. It's such a shame. Besides the crashes the event has been near enough perfect. I've not noticed any other issues.
  6. Has anyone got any experience using the LAN app? I wonder whether it's the app or because they're using Surfaces...
  7. Man, one or two of disconnects could maybe be forgivable but this is genuinely ridiculous... I'd much rather have the long gaps between games/matches we got with the dev kits than these constant disconnects..
  8. That Rig crash, whilst very annoying, didn't lose Vexed that game, let alone the series. They were up in points but they only had BR base when it crashed. They then had the advantage in the reset, came very close to winning and still lost it. I'm not defending how shitty the crashes have been etc. but it didn't cause Vexed to lose the series.
  9. Fuck sakes these crashes are painful. The series has been fantastic so far as well...
  10. https://www.gfinity.net/halo-5/cups/halo-world-championship/halowc-london/bracket
  11. You've got Orlando listed as Halo WC 2017 rather than 2018 by the way.
  12. Oh man, I wish Optic had gotten that comeback. That would have been the most hype thing ever. Insane game.
  13. Mixer is great. I've been watching the stream all weekend on there with no issues.
  14. I see the issue with the bracket. Round 4 shouldn't be exist and Reciprocity/Optic should have been seeded into round 6 rather than round 5
  15. It's also missing the Loser Bracket Finals Edit: Actually, it might be that it just didn't load properly for me. Edit 2: There we go, it's loaded now. Round 6 looks wrong to me as well. That should be a single match between the winners of Round 5.
  16. Looks like they've made a mistake to me. Should only be two matches in round 4 right? Pretty sure it should be: Winner of Infused/Fyra VS Winner of Str8 and Renegades VS Oxygen
  17. Splyce, Liquid and nV all splitting at the same time wasn't drama?
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