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  1. look at the improvement from battlefront 1 to battlefromt 2? You think Halo is capable of those leaps on xbox 1? do you think Halo 6 has a chance at looking better than battlefield 2 on this engine?


    are you going to ignore that H5 resolution frequently drops to 720p and has since launch. or than animations are at 30fps 20ft away? also BF2 is basically locked at 60fps in SP and rarely ever drops on xb1 mp. also battlefront simply looks much better- better lighting, better textures, better effects. do you believe Halo 5 would be the better looking title of 343 locked the resolution to 900p? let's be honest.


    Hell, forget about BF2- look at Doom.


    also why are we talking about H4? when that game came out Halo engine was already struggling to keep up with the rest of the pack on 360. A TON of concessions needed to be made to achieve those visuals- it impacted everything from map design, to enemy counts, to weapon despawning. fast forward to today and Halo's visuals are simply outclassed on modern hardware.

    I expect Halo 6 on X1X to be one of the best looking 60fps titles of the generation.


    And by 60, I mean locked 60.

  2. The only way i could see MS/343 going this route is if they built an engine intended for use by multiple in-house studios or if they intended to annualize use of the engine (like they've done with Forza and ForzaTech)


    The fact that Rare and TC are firmly on the UE4 train, i think the second option would be the only viable one. that would be interesting.



    look at Halo 5, then look at Battlefront2. same hardware. one shits on the others visuals with similar performance.


    i also never said exclusives won't push the boundaries of the console. but Halo, in particular is limited by the legacy of its engine. so, the console taps out before the engine can reach the levels achieved by other engines.


    i specifically said that Halo engine can't compete with other engines used for shooters- largely because those other engines are used so frequently by so many studios who contribute to the feedback loop. how is this situation at all similar to the competition Sony Santa Monica or Naughty Dog face?


    UE4s scalability isn't neccisarily disadvatage because engineers at Epic make specific customizations for each console AND those who license the engine will again make specific customizations for their needs. As console design moves closer towards PC, developing "closer to the metal" will be a benefit enjoyed by Moore devs w/o needing a 1st party engine.

    Ah yes, a game from 2015 compared to a game from 2017. Perfectly fair.


    Also Battlefront 2 maxes out at 900p and has regular frame drops down to the low 40s on X1 so no, the performance is not similar.


    The only time H5 has any issues with performance is with the changes to forge mode.


    Alright, if you're focusing specifically on the Halo engine then I point back to H4. Arguably the best looking 360 title out there.

  3. The 5% model is just for the free license agreement. Any triple AAA studio using UE4 would pay a flat fee for custom terms and support.


    343 CANT gain a competitive advantage with an in-house engine. Halo engine is a patchwork of one built to run a game on hardware from the year 2000. Its competition (UE4, Frostbite, Dunia etc) are designed to be future proof: scaling and performing well across various platforms hardware configurations. These companies can justify the constant investment into these tools because, of the sheer number of releases that rely on the tech. They also have the benefit of getting constant feedback from multiple developers using the tech simultaneously. A company that releases an exclusive shooter once ever 3 years can’t react fast enough to industry progress-which is why Halo looks and performs the way it does compared to its competion.

    Considering the hardware it's running on Halo 5 is technically very impressive.


    Here's a recent quote I saw from Dark1x (a writer for digital foundry, otherwise known as a guy who knows a hell of a lot more about this stuff than us) regarding H5 and it's dynamic res system:


    I think it’s the best. To hit a 99.99% locked 60 fps on a regular Xbox One with visuals of that quality is a borderline miracle. The X version then offers the same stability with a huge image quality boost.

    Also the idea that an exclusive won't push the boundaries of a system is ridiculous. Halo 4 is arguably the best looking title on the 360. The best looking game in the world right now is probably God of War and as far as I can tell that uses it's own engine. Uncharted 4? In house engine etc.


    I'd guess that one of the big benefits of 3rd party engines such as UE4 in scalability is actually also a disadvantage in that they can't be tailored as well to individual hardware. That said, Halo 6 does have the potential issue in that it's likely going to be released on PC as well. So a more scalable engine may be more beneficial.


    Who knows? We're being armchair devs right here.

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  4. It honestly tilts me seeing people say all Splyce do is fly and out skill people.


    They are the only team that apply pressure across all four members while still making smart individual plays and staying alive whenever possible, and avoiding unnecessary damage.


    Other teams outside the top take a lot of free damage randomly or don't apply pressure together.


    There was one part of RNG vs Rec where the casters were talking about how good Lunchbox's decision making is... At that exact moment, he was alone in his treehouse backing up to his side of the map, looking nowhere, as two of his teammates pushed the Rec base. They both died and Lunch got pushed from top mid and enemy silo. If it had been Splyce, the player at tree would have pushed up to Silo and choked out remaining options.



    You don't beat Tox 8:1 just by flying around.


    Splyce are incredible and, as I said before, an absolute joy to watch.

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  5. What is the html that I can use to bookmark on my computer that will allow me to go to the newest unread post in order to make my experience more like mobile?

    When you add to bookmark, just edit the page number to a very high number that won’t be reached.


    Example: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/17620-halo-world-championship-2018-teams-seeds-and-discussion%E2%80%8F/page-11117



    Smh, admins don't know how to use their own website...



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  6. Awesome thanks for the responses.


    I keep wanting to see Breakout in pro games, and with a few setting changes I thought it would work (normal shields/health, no shotgun, one flag ctf, even using it on a symmetrical rarely used map like Tyrant or Stasis) however the crux of the problem is this:


    Each round can end in a tie.


    In CS GO and COD, if the terrorists don’t detonate the bomb, they lose the round. Which means they have to make plays. In Halo, if one team loses a few players and are outnumbered, they can just camp by the flag. This stalemates the game and is very boring.


    Is there any possible setting or game type adjustment that would make Breakout work at all though?

    I came up with an idea for breakout which I thought might work quite well.


    First off make it so the flag is capture rather than push. That would encourage players to actually move towards the middle at the start of the round (this might already have been done, I can't remember)


    Secondly, if the time runs out there would be 3 possible outcomes:


    1. The team with the most players standing wins the round.

    2. If both teams have an equal number of players then the last team to get a kill wins the round.

    3. If neither team gets any kills it's a tie (I feel like this is a rare enough situation that it won't matter all that much).


    This means that as soon as someone gets a kill one team is always on the offensive.


    Also, the maps should be designed so that it's easy to grab the flag but not easy to cap it.




    You could also change the objective. Remove the flag and replace it with an instant capture stronghold. If the time runs out whichever team holds the point wins.


    Or you could make it asymmetrical.

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  7. and there are threads for those with the game, forge, settings, etc - but we feel as a staff this is the right way to do things regarding the HCS. It's helped us be successful so far, again we keeping running around the issue at the heart.

    Exactly, so why can't off topic discussion happen in an off topic thread?


    I'm not avoiding the issue at all. It's obvious that if you pushed off topic discussion out of this thread then it would be much quieter. Why is that a bad thing though? The community won't die, they'll just be posting in a different thread.

  8. If this thread was 100% Halo 5 I would read it way less. SOME off topic is fine.

    What's wrong with moving the off topic discussion into other threads though? 


    It's still the same site, it's still the same community. The only difference is the thread title.




    Look at it this way, you've done a good job with your HCS thread on ResetEra but there's been 5 posts since Monday. Why is that? There isn't much to talk about right now.


    As a staff, we have some changes down in the pipeline for the website, but this format isn't one of them. We get it, you guys want to discuss competitive Halo but there isn't much going on at this current moment for the community to discuss.


    It's kinda ironic, some have put more effort in the last few hours to discuss things on how they should me more than the actual league itself. As @Infinity said, the game has to be there to keep passion alive. Even in year 3 of Halo 2/3 people got bored. News should hopefully come soon to combat this "game fatigue" everyone is feeling.

    Yup, it's happily lying dormant until there are interesting things to dicsuss. It's not going anywhere, the community hasn't died, we're just talking about other stuff in different threads. There's a reason that's the way the vast majority of forums on the internet work. It's just better for discussion.


    Again, this community is capable of posting in more than one thread.


    You guys are acting like the forum doesn't exist beyond this specific thread. 

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