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  1. Was what you said about 343 really the reason they didn't hire you though...?
  2. If they changed clamber so that you can clamber in any direction and you can shoot whilst doing so it would be great.
  3. I expect Halo 6 on X1X to be one of the best looking 60fps titles of the generation. And by 60, I mean locked 60.
  4. Ah yes, a game from 2015 compared to a game from 2017. Perfectly fair. Also Battlefront 2 maxes out at 900p and has regular frame drops down to the low 40s on X1 so no, the performance is not similar. The only time H5 has any issues with performance is with the changes to forge mode. Alright, if you're focusing specifically on the Halo engine then I point back to H4. Arguably the best looking 360 title out there.
  5. Considering the hardware it's running on Halo 5 is technically very impressive. Here's a recent quote I saw from Dark1x (a writer for digital foundry, otherwise known as a guy who knows a hell of a lot more about this stuff than us) regarding H5 and it's dynamic res system: Also the idea that an exclusive won't push the boundaries of a system is ridiculous. Halo 4 is arguably the best looking title on the 360. The best looking game in the world right now is probably God of War and as far as I can tell that uses it's own engine. Uncharted 4? In house engine etc. I'd guess that one of the big benefits of 3rd party engines such as UE4 in scalability is actually also a disadvantage in that they can't be tailored as well to individual hardware. That said, Halo 6 does have the potential issue in that it's likely going to be released on PC as well. So a more scalable engine may be more beneficial. Who knows? We're being armchair devs right here.
  6. Hey Grim, do you know when we might receive our voices of war packs?
  7. I don't understand how you can say that Splyce isn't amazing to watch. Their relentless aggression and the speed at which they play is so exciting. I agree that sometimes it's hard to follow but I think that's more due to inadequate observer mode/tools than the game itself. If we had a minimap which showed the real time locations of each player it would eliminate most issues imo. Also I think it's interesting that one of the main arguments against things like sprint and thruster etc. is that they actually slow the gameplay down; and now we've got people complaining that Splyce make the game too fast.
  8. Yup. You don't beat Tox 8:1 just by flying around. Splyce are incredible and, as I said before, an absolute joy to watch.
  9. That's why I was rooting for Rec and I'll now be rooting for nV.
  10. I like seeing some hype. Splyce barely crack a smile, even when they win a tournament.
  11. I don't like Splyce. The complete lack of celebrations makes them seem like emotionless robots. That said, no. Splyce are a joy to watch, their individual skill and general communication is on another level. The movement and shots are just insane.
  13. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. That controller disconnect could have decided the match.
  14. Did Spartan just shoot a sticky nade to blind anyone looking at top snipe?
  15. Why Mixer rather than Twitch? (I actually prefer Mixer so this isn't a complaint, just curious)
  16. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/17620-halo-world-championship-2018-teams-seeds-and-discussion%E2%80%8F/?view=getnewpost Smh, admins don't know how to use their own website...
  17. https://mixer.com/MicrosoftStore The Microsoft store FFA is currently on. Damn good production for only 75 viewers...
  18. I came up with an idea for breakout which I thought might work quite well. First off make it so the flag is capture rather than push. That would encourage players to actually move towards the middle at the start of the round (this might already have been done, I can't remember) Secondly, if the time runs out there would be 3 possible outcomes: 1. The team with the most players standing wins the round. 2. If both teams have an equal number of players then the last team to get a kill wins the round. 3. If neither team gets any kills it's a tie (I feel like this is a rare enough situation that it won't matter all that much). This means that as soon as someone gets a kill one team is always on the offensive. Also, the maps should be designed so that it's easy to grab the flag but not easy to cap it. You could also change the objective. Remove the flag and replace it with an instant capture stronghold. If the time runs out whichever team holds the point wins. Or you could make it asymmetrical.
  19. Exactly, so why can't off topic discussion happen in an off topic thread? I'm not avoiding the issue at all. It's obvious that if you pushed off topic discussion out of this thread then it would be much quieter. Why is that a bad thing though? The community won't die, they'll just be posting in a different thread.
  20. What's wrong with moving the off topic discussion into other threads though? It's still the same site, it's still the same community. The only difference is the thread title. Yup, it's happily lying dormant until there are interesting things to dicsuss. It's not going anywhere, the community hasn't died, we're just talking about other stuff in different threads. There's a reason that's the way the vast majority of forums on the internet work. It's just better for discussion. Again, this community is capable of posting in more than one thread. You guys are acting like the forum doesn't exist beyond this specific thread.
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