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  1. Come on Supremacy! HOLY SHIT! THIS IS SO CLOSE! SUPREMACY"!!!!!!!
  2. This dual stream thing is great, continuous Halo with no breaks at all.
  3. Production has been fantastic so far. What a start to the weekend.
  4. Simms is commentating in the Bravo stream. Screw the main stream. https://www.twitch.tv/esl_halo
  5. Just looks like it'll be a pain in the arse. He's got almost every stat on there, shots landed/fired, # or perfects, # of headshots etc.
  6. That's a really cool idea. Hopefully it gets updated promptly That's a lot of stats though, if they're typing that in manually that's going to be a pain in the ass...
  7. So LG haven't practiced in a week. I can't see this tournament going well for them. Has anyone figured out why they haven't been practicing?
  8. What the hell is going on with LG? I know Ninja had a tourney over the weekend but you'd think they'd be scrimming as much as possible now to make up for that, seems like they've given up...
  9. Not true at all. Story was pretty meh but the gameplay and level design was fantastic.
  10. The story was a bit shit but I thought the campaign was fantastic.
  11. I feel like whether or not you think the 343 guys are "putting their heart and soul into it" directly correlates with whether or not you like their gameplay design decisions.
  12. The unique thing about this radar is that it encourages running over sprinting. It makes the game feel far closer to classic Halo imo. I think proving grounds actually strikes a really nice balance between classic and new Halo and I hope H6 ships with this radar as default.
  13. 61st event? Damn. I'd love for LG win it but I just can't see it happening. Top 4 would be great for them IMO.
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