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  1. I'm genuinely surprised LG beat Splyce considering they haven't practiced in a week. Really happy.
  2. It's probably because the artists at 343 will have moved on to working on H6.
  3. Snipedown bracket fucked himself. Well, Splyce fucked it for them.
  4. Bracket play is all Bo7 The third seed shouldn't have lost to the seventh seed in groups then.
  5. Why are people confused about the bracket? There are 4 groups: A B C D A1 plays D2 B1 plays C2 C1 plays B2 D1 plays A2
  6. 4 streams on main and 2 for bravo. Twitter and facebook probably contribute a fair amount.
  7. How does that affect the viewing experience though? It makes no difference for us watching.
  8. Edit: I may be wrong. The whole seeding thing is a bit confusing...
  9. Top notch, only problem so far was some internet issues earlier on but it didn't really get in the way of anything.
  10. Splyce vs nV was probably the best match so far. Best game was game 1 of Supremacy vs Optic though. Proving grounds radar > no radar in H5.
  11. Not sure why Microsoft server issues would affect Twitch though...
  12. It's weird that waypoint is having issues at the exact same time...
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