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  1. That's interesting. Funny about how people's complained this system is shit and that they wanted 1-50 back. They edited the subreddit css to not show the down vote arrow. Turn off subreddit styles (tick box on the right) if you really want to down vote someone.
  2. That looks like the essence of edgy teen distilled into a trophy.
  3. Maybe OG is just letting nV get the good starts to give themselves a challenge?
  4. Can't see Commonly teaming with Ninja without Spartan for some reason...
  5. I would support RNG again in a heartbeat. I really liked that team.
  6. If they can figure out their attitude issues I actually think they could be a really solid duo.
  7. I really want to nV to win. I love seeing players get hyped and none of the members of Optic or Liquid ever seem to show any emotion.
  8. Nope. 60fps makes every single facet of the game far, far better for every single person who plays. LAN makes tournaments easier to run.
  9. 60fps is more important than LAN. Although having both would obviously be best. What's the issue?
  10. Likely due to the focus on dedicated servers. LAN require P2P coding which H5 doesn't have any of.
  11. Damn this is frustrating. It was going so well before as well...
  12. That was actually quite fun to watch. Seeing the dude get so hyped at winning was awesome.
  13. Despite Halo 5's competitive issues (radar, Autos etc.) it is still fantastic to watch.
  14. I get being pissed at the venue but calling 343 cunts? Really?
  15. Probably because they focused on stuff like Warzone and the req system... ...which turned out to be a big success for them.
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