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  1. Tell me anything I said which isn't true. I'm not even fucking defending 343, I'm saying the op doesn't actually prove anything.
  2. How would that explain the lack of variance in the distance covered by the reticule? If we assume this isn't due to varying rumble patterns then it implies that the input is being rounded to one of the three values which: a. Makes no sense. b. Wouldn't cause the aiming to feel heavy.
  3. Input lag is the time difference between when you press a button on the controller and when the game receives that input. If you hold a button for 50ms the game is always going to receive an input which lasts 50ms, regardless of whether you have 0ms or 100ms of input lag. The difference is how long it takes for that input to be displayed on the screen. Input lag won't cause an inconsistency if the amount of time a button is pressed is always constant. To use the aiming example, let's say that the reticule moves 45 degrees if you hold the stick for 50ms. Assuming the controller always rumbles for 50ms (which isn't something we should assume and the reason this doesn't prove all that much), the reticule will always move 45 degrees, regardless of how much input lag there is. The reason heavy aim makes the aiming feel inconsistent is because our brains are using the movement on screen to inform our thumbs of when to move. Varying input lag will make it it difficult to judge when to stop/start deflecting the stick and so you'll move the reticule different amounts depending on the amount of input lag. However, under controlled circumstances (ie: a button is held consistently for the same amount of time) input lag won't cause there to be a difference. Again, I'm not saying heavy aim doesn't exist, I'm saying the op isn't proof of it.
  4. Heavy aim is input lag. Why would an input lag cause inconsistent distances moved by the reticule? Also, this could just as well be proving that Halo 5 doesn't always use the same rumble pattern. I'm not denying the existence of heavy aim, however this isn't proof of much until you can show that the amount of rumble applied is always the same. The fact that it seems to always go to one of 3 spots is weird. If it were due to a random latency issue then you'd think there would be more variance. A better control would be to test Halo 4 as it is more likely to use the same rumble patterns as H5. Even then that's not an exhaustive proof.
  5. Is "Halo 4 and 5 maps all look like trash" a better contribution to discussion because it fits with the Beyond circle jerk then? I'm sorry you consider opposing opinions cringe. Also if you'd actually read the post instead of reflexively down voting anything slightly positive about 343 you'd see that I was talking about how the maps look. Something which is entirely subjective.
  6. I'm sorry I don't hate everying 343 related, didn't realise that made me a shill. I'll try not to interrupt your circle jerks from now on.
  7. In terms of aesthetics H5's launch maps weren't that great, however some of the DLC maps look awesome. Overgrowth, Mercy, Tyrant and Molten all look great. Also Halo 4 had Monolith which, imo, is the best looking map in the series:
  8. With strafe and forward acceleration set to 120% I thought it felt fine. Footsteps sound a bit comical though.
  9. I don't think we can expect a whole lot of changes to 5 beyond what's already available in the options. Read Josh Menke's matchmaking updates, he's always mentioning features that they'd like to see but won't happen in 5. He actually specified that if a feature required any UI changes then it was basically guaranteed nor to be happening. Seems like the vast majority of people at 343 have moved on to working on H6.
  10. Autos as a whole will never get nerfed because the casual community likes them powerful.
  11. No because I'm more interested in competitive Halo now. Back then I preferred casual stuff.
  12. I had more fun with infection custom games during H3 than anything else so yeah. It depends what you're looking for.
  13. I'm sure they understand the current meta and how to play far, far better than I or anyone else here does. The doesn't necessarily mean they know best in terms of game design. For example Pistola's comment about bloom taking more skill. I also remember watching Snipedown streaming the H5 beta and him complaining about strongholds.
  14. I'm surprised pros aren't keen on the new radar. Do they not see the benefits of encouraging bms over sprint?
  15. Did they though? Neither Halo 2 nor 3 used the base game settings for competitive. Whilst Halo 5's standard settings certainly aren't ideal they're still fairly competitive. I'd take radar and powerful autos over SMG starts any day.
  16. That doesn't mean the rest were unplayable though. It is a bit sad how much better looking the H2A maps are than most of H5's. That said, despite playing pretty badly, some of the DLC maps for 5 are lookers. Overgrowth, Mercy and Tyrant look awesome.
  17. What? How did it only have 3 playable maps? The multiplayer had some gorgeous map design, Shrine especially looked really good. Also it wasn't like Halo 2 didn't have easy shooting as well.
  18. It's not gunna happen. That more likely means they're going to have Scorpio patches for their current games.
  19. I think we're going to get a big Halo 3 themed update for 5 to coincide with 3's anniversary.
  20. Dunno about top 3 but with new radar and a different weapon set it would be decent.
  21. That's never going to happen in 5 though. We should fight for something which realistically could happen and is actually really good.
  22. Proving grounds radar > no radar It allows for those sneaky plays/flanks and encourages awareness and communication like no radar. However, it also has the added bonus of encouraging walking over sprinting and flying about the map. I know a lot of you disagree and get pissed off just at the sight that little circle in the corner but seriously think about it. It re introduces what we like about no radar whilst also pushing the game closer to how classic Halo plays. Isn't that exactly what almost everyone here wants?
  23. The lack of a grenade launcher on any competitive maps is something which definitely needs to be fixed.
  24. Pretty sure someone said it will be something along the lines of what happened last time with ALG. Probably have a LAN or online tournament.
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