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  1. This is the relatable part; it's rare that you see a bunch of randoms working together in Warzone. Generally it's because of mobile. A youtube or dvr link often requires you to leave the app/site whereas you can view gifs inline. Also videos have sound which is often not wanted when you're on a phone.
  2. It's just reddit in general. Easily digestible and relatable content gets upvoted quickly. Long-form content which may not be as easy to understand or people may disagree with will not be upvoted as quickly and so will be lost.
  3. So are the new settings going to have SMGs available as a pick up or are they being replaced by ARs?
  4. I think Breakout could still work (maybe not competitively but be fun to play) if they made it so ties weren't possible. Reduce the timer to something like 90 seconds, change it so that if the timer ends and you're a man down you lose. If the timer ends and the teams are equal the last team to get a kill wins. I came up with this idea in like 2 minutes by the way so I have no idea if it would work at all. I just really like the idea of a round based elimination mode and I actually quite enjoyed Breakout despite the issues.
  5. Why aren't they testing Assault? With the changes to disarming I thought it played far better than when it first came out...
  6. I don't really have a problem with the lifts, they just seem unnecessary. I can see why the lighting is a problem, I legit never had an issue with it though. The only maps I consistently get annoyed seeing are Overgrowth in the PG playlist and Riptide in Slayer. I stopped bothering with the Slayer playlist around when Molten came out though...
  7. The PG version of Torque was alright. It's nice to play a dual snipe map. The scripted lifts on either side were a bit pointless though.
  8. Again, not what I'm doing. Someone said Torque is the worst map in the series, they're wrong. Yup, exactly what I said. Definitely not misconstruing me at all.
  9. I never said it did, I'm saying Torque is no where near the worst map in the series.
  10. And maps in CE, 2, 3 and 4. Torque isn't great but it's playable. It's better than maps like Chiron, Backwash, Snowbound etc.
  11. Alright, someone explain it to me because I really don't get it. What about those medals is so much better than 5's? Actually, I don't even like Reach's. Honestly I thought Reach's art style sucked for the most part (besides the amazing skyboxes). Why the hell did they go with the dark and gritty aesthetic? inb4 Unreall calls me a shill.
  12. In my experience /r/Halo really isn't that circlejerky. It tends to be more positive on 343 than here but I still see a fairly wide range of opinions being voiced. You absolutely wouldn't be banned only for criticising 343.
  13. People saying that paying top 16 isn't worth it with so few teams, maybe this will encourage more teams to participate?
  14. We're not gunna see LAN on H5. It's far too much work for frankly not much reward. We could hopefully see lan in H6 with Scorpio though.
  15. It'll automatically supersample if you're playing on a 1080p screen so it's still gunna look a hell of a lot better regardless if you've got 4k or not.
  16. Halo 6 will be a 2018 title. Mainline Halo titles always have a 3 year dev cycle. MS has also said multiple times that there won't be a Halo FPS releasing this year.
  17. Don't post their Twitter. It just brings them attention which is exactly what they seem to crave so much that they stoop to trying to ruin someones livelihood.
  18. My bias comes into play far less here than yours because I'm not actually defending 343. I'm not claiming heavy aim doesn't exist, I'm saying this is not a demonstration of it. This discussion is pointless if you're not actually going to read what's being written. I'm done here.
  19. Frankly, this is more indicative of Beyond's general bias against 343 than any bias I have for them. The fact that you're railing against a critical analysis of the op's methods just shows your confirmation bias. No it doesn't. Again, you didn't actually read what I wrote did you? You just reflexively downvoted. This method just as likely shows that H5 has varying rumble patterns as it does aiming issues. Also heavy aim is likely caused by input lag, this is not a demonstration of input lag.
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