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  1. They have tracking but only if the reticule is red when you pull the trigger.
  2. More Ninja hype: https://clips-media-assets.twitch.tv/vod-136794596-offset-3778-1280x720.mp4
  3. People always seem to underestimate the Ninja - Victory X duo.
  4. Having a female pro league doesn't hurt though. They can compete in the fpl and go to open events.
  5. The competitive community may not be sexist but they're not the problem. It's the general gaming community. It discourages girls from playing the game at all and so there are far fewer potential competitive/pro level players.
  6. Gamers and gaming is in general a pretty sexist community. You think Twitch chat is bad now, imagine the level of pure cancer it would be when a girl was playing. There's also just far more guys playing FPS games than girls. This study showed as little as 7% of people who play FPS games are female: http://quanticfoundry.com/2017/01/19/female-gamers-by-genre/ . A far bigger population is generally going to supply more higher skilled players.
  7. Has there been a single hurricane which hasn't fucked him over in some way in the last year or so?
  8. Again, you completely misinterpret what I'm saying. No I don't. On PC there wouldn't be aim assist or bullet mag, however, in Halo these mechanics are used as balancing tools and dictate a number of ways in which the game is played. On consoles the sniper has no or very little aim assist when out of scope, this makes it difficult to hit shots compared to weapons like the pistol. On PC you lose this balancing factor, hitting headshots with the sniper out of scope will be no more difficult than hitting headshots with the pistol. Do you not see why this is a problem? I would not be at all surprised if the skill gap between pros would decrease. Compared to other PC shooters the skill ceiling for aiming in Halo would very low. Go look at the shots good players can hit in games like Quake and tell me that people who dedicate their lives to playing Halo would struggle at all with hitting headshots with the pistol. Of course I understand that. However, what you're missing is that on consoles the inherent difficulty increase is compounded by the RRR. The RRR range provides an effective range limit for a weapon. Again, on PC you lose this balancing factor, hitting long distance shots will be far easier relative to on console. I'm not saying you'd be able to lock down the map, I'm saying that you'll be able to contest more easily at further ranges which would have a myriad of different effects. No response @@arglactable?
  9. How about you actually respond to what I wrote the other night instead of completely misinterpreting it? Also perhaps you could explain why my assessments are flawed? Because you've yet to make any arguments really other than "Nuh uh!".
  10. It is the same game, yes. However, the point that you're missing is that the way a game plays is highly dependent on how you control it. The same game will play quite differently with a mouse compared to with an analogue stick. Also chill dude.
  11. Anyone with a headset is going to know pretty much exactly where you are if you shoot anyway. I don't think gunfire on radar makes that much difference really.
  12. I just want to see more teams who can properly challenge Optic on LAN. Envy winning pro league finals was awesome to see. If we can have 3 or 4 teams properly competing for the top spot it'll be so much more exciting. Optic absolutely dominating at Worlds just wasn't that interesting.
  13. So these changes (whilst great) basically guarantee that we're gunna see a separate HCS playlist right? I think that's a bit of a shame. I liked having the competitive settings in a well populated playlist like Team Arena.
  14. Holy shit Shottzy was playing amazing that game. The over exterm at the end. Also Ola got a breadstick
  15. Nah, they took it out with the latest update. Apparently PiP is coming at some point though.
  16. You'd probably need more than that. We managed to aim in H3 without much difficulty with projectile weapons. You'd need slow (relatively) projectiles and much higher movement speed really. How many top tier pc players have you seen play Forge with the fixed (but not really fixed) aiming? I'm gunna hazard a guess that it's not very many. If I can fairly consistently hit shots in games with much faster and more unpredictable movement than Halo then I'm pretty sure people who near enough dedicate their lives to playing the game won't find it hard in Halo. To repost what I said before: Also, not that it's actually relevant, but I've probably got more experience with PC shooters than consoles. I actually briefly competed in TF2. I know how easy it is to be accurate with a mouse because I was really fucking accurate with a mouse (not so much anymore, bit out of practice). What makes hitting shots difficult is unpredictable and fast movement (something Halo lacks) or recoil/spray patterns (also something Halo lacks). Anyway, this conversation is pretty much irrelevant because there's no way in hell 343 will run the HCS with mouse controls or that they'll design a Halo FPS with anything but console controls in mind.
  17. Forge on PC has dogshit aiming right? This is kinda based on the idea that you can actually aim with a mouse. Also the third comment was about pro play, I explained it a bit more further down. I think you just about completely missed the point of my post. I'm explaining that the lack of those mechanics is going to cause significant changes to how Halo is played. Doesn't the bolded completely contradict the rest of this sentence? The point is that Halo isn't a PC shooter, it's designed with analogue stick aiming in mind. Without significantly changing how it's designed the best of the best (ie: the pros) are going to reach a skill ceiling in terms of aiming. The accuracy of a mouse combined with Halo's perfectly precise weapons and slow movement speed is going to make hitting shots very easy for those who are really good at the game. Also, not that it's actually relevant, but I've probably got more experience with PC shooters than consoles. I actually briefly competed in TF2. I know how easy it is to be accurate with a mouse because I was really fucking accurate with a mouse (not so much anymore, bit out of practice). What makes hitting shots difficult is unpredictable and fast movement (something Halo lacks) or recoil/spray patterns (also something Halo lacks).
  18. I feel like you're looking at this too simply and perhaps placing a bit too much importance on shooting skill. The changes to the shooting mechanics would cause a cascade of other effects... A couple of examples: Long distance encounters are heavily affected by the red reticule range which limits the effective range of your weapon. In H5 this is used to create differences between weapons such as the DMR and Pistol (obviously something you aren't keen on) but it also has implications elsewhere. The effective range on weaponry has a big impact on map design and movement. Moving to PC controls means the RRR is irrelevant and therefore completely removes that limit on the effective range. The difference in difficulty between hitting someone at mid-range and long-range is massively decreased. This means you can much more easily control and contest far larger areas of the map. This is obviously going to have a big impact on the flow of maps with longer sightlines. This would still be the case with a much more simplified sandbox. The sniper would become an absolute monster and ridiculously OP. Hitting a no-scope headshot with the snipe will be just as easy as hitting one with a pistol. You'd probably have to straight up remove the sniper from competitive play because it would just be too powerful. You've got 4 pretty much guaranteed kills at any range with a single clip. This is more speculative but I think you'd possibly see the shooting skill gap actually decrease within the competitive scene. Perfectly accurate weapons combined with a relatively slow movement and strafe means that once you reach a certain skill level people will very rarely miss. Shooting will be just too easy. The number of reversals would probably decrease because of this. Getting the first shot off in a 1v1 would effectively guarantee the win because you won't miss the following 4. If you look at competitive PC shooters you see they all have ways of avoiding this: CS has spray patterns making shooting far more difficult, Quake (and other fast paced arena shooters) have very high movement speeds, higher health and more of a focus on projectile weapons. Note: I'm not actually arguing that HCS on PC would be worse, I'm saying it might not necessarily be better and it absolutely would be very different, even if they didn't introduce design changes to make Halo fit better on PC. Also this. The current pros would not appreciate a switch to PC.
  19. Why are you convinced the game will play better on PC? Everything about Halo is designed with console setup of aim assist and magnetism in mind. It would cause some pretty big shifts in how the game is played competitively and not necessarily for the better.
  20. Halo would require some design changes to be competitively viable on PC. You think the Sniper is OP in 5, it would be obscene on PC. Also moving the competitive scene over to PC is a really dumb idea. Even if H6 comes to PC it's going to be much bigger on Xbox. You'd also alienate a massive portion of the competitive fanbase and probably a number of pro players.
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