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  1. Correct. That said i don't have a 3.5mm jack in my controller. Regarding shots on radar though, i think a Destiny style approach would be quite good actually. Instead of a pinpoint have a slice of the radar flash in the direction of the shot. That means the radar provides basically the exact same info as sound and users who can't benefit from headphones aren't disadvantaged.
  2. Yeah it's not free at all, you need to buy an expensive headset.
  3. How exactly is be constantly being a douche? Most of what I see on here is someone posting a fairly innocuous tweet of his then a bunch of people claiming he's just crying for attention. Like i said before, if you genuinely don't like him just ignore him. The dogpiling in here is bullshit, pointless and does nothing other than make TB look like a collection of assholes. Also, frankly your experience with depression gives you no better insight into Spartan than anyone else. Different people deal with mental health issues in vastly different ways. Accidental neg, sorry.
  4. I've recently been getting back into a game called Shootmania which rarely has more than 150 people playing. When Halo gets there, then we can call it dead.
  5. Speaking of toxic discussion, i think the dogpiling on Spartan in here is awful. Yeah, he has and does say some dumb stuff from time to time (like pretty much everyone) but that's no reason to be a dick to him. This is a guy who apparently has genuine mental health issues and people here act like it's nothing and shit all over him. If how he acts annoys you so much just ignore him.
  6. I get the feeling that had ALG qualified for worlds none of these tweets would have been posted...
  7. Thinking H3 is a bad game isn't an opinion which actively targets someone else though. Frank regularly posts shit literally with the intention of putting someone else down. Frank didn't just say coaching is a joke, he basically said Towey is a joke.
  8. I feel like melee and weapon fire shouldn't hurt teammates in matchmaking. Grenades and splash damage weapons should but allowing players to shoot teammates doesn't really add anything to the game...
  9. Nope, you have to choose. It's physically impossible to like one without hating the other.
  10. How do you define relevant? That is such a meaningless term. Halo is still the premier Xbox exclusive, H5 sold millions and H6 will also without a doubt sell millions. If that's considered irrelevant then there's probably less than 10 ​relevant ​series in the entire gaming industry. The series is not as popular as it used to be, that's not being disputed by anyone. But dying or irrelevant is just straight up hyperbole.
  11. Halo is not dead nor is it dying. Not as popular at its peak != dying.
  12. I agree. Extermination has no place anywhere near the HCS. It's an okay social mode though... A team who wins CTF despite being outslayed is superior at capturing flags. A team who wins Extermination despite being outslayed is superior at hide and seek. That's also a problem with Extermination. That post was comparing the two.
  13. Honestly, if 343 were to keep one of Breakout or Extermination I'd rather they take Breakout and change the scoring system so that a tie is impossible. I was thinking: Whoever has the most players at the end of a round wins, in the event that teams are equal whichever team had the last kill wins. This way one team is always being encouraged to push. That combined with removing the SMG/shotgun and radar, buffing the pistol and making shields work like normal and I think Breakout would be pretty good. With Extermination I just find that all I'm doing is running around looking for the next kill. It doesn't seem to require all that much thought. 1. I was playing solo. 2. I was pushing all the time (hence why I got 23 kills).
  14. Oh I was running around all over the place. Honestly, I think I got the triple on the round we lost... That would be a massive improvement.
  15. Somewhat OT but I'm not entirely sure about Extermination... A mode where we can get 50 kills vs their 15 and tie isn't that great IMO.
  16. It's the only which i play on a regular basis. My favourite Halo in terms of competitive multiplayer. Also, finally got a chance to play the new HCS settings and holy fuck they're amazing.
  17. Why not remove spread entirely? Here's what i think would make a good AR: - Reduce the rate of fire and increase damage to compensate. - Remove spread but add in predicable and somewhat controllable recoil. - Reduce the magnetism to be similar to precision weapons. - Make the reticule reset quite quickly when tap firing (as in if you only fire one or two bullets the reticule will jump up but quickly drop back to exactly where you were aiming when you pulled the trigger). This would make it viable and skillful at all ranges. At close range you can use it at full auto if you can control the recoil properly. At mid range you'd have to burst fire and control the recoil. At long range you'd have to pace your shots and it'd work essentially like a precision weapon. Also recoil makes weapons way more satisfying to shoot. It's far more visceral watching the gun properly jump up in your hands than watching it vibrates slightly and the reticule artificially increase in size.
  18. If they completely removed the magnetism on spartan charge I reckon it'd actually be pretty good. It'd require some actual skill to hit.
  19. I'm downvoting because of the bolded. What load of crap is that?
  20. One of the coolest competitive modes I've ever played in an FPS is Elite from a game called Shootmania (hugely underrated PC FPS). It's an asymmetric round based mode where the attackers have to either capture a point or take out the defenders. The defenders have to either kill the attacker or stop them from capturing the point for a minute (each player only has one life). The catch is that it's 3 defenders vs 1 attacker, the attacker has an instagib laser and the defenders have a slow firing rocket launcher which requires 3 hits to kill. It's fucking intense and amazing, especially when playing as the lone attacker with you're teammates spectating. Wouldn't work in Halo though, teamshot is too important. That said I'd be interested to see if an asymmetric mode could work in competitive Halo.
  21. Not so much as Strongholds though. The fact that you need to put yourself at a disadvantage to score actually makes it harder to come back.
  22. I prefer to watch Strongholds than KotH. I've written a couple of posts about it but it comes down to comeback potential and pacing. I find Strongholds to easily be the most exciting mode in the game to watch.
  23. My problem with slayer is that it's only ever exciting to watch in the last minute or so of a close game. If it's not a close match it's boring throughout.
  24. Nah, bring back the H4 Boltshot and reduce the damage from the charged shot so it's not a one hit kill.
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