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  1. Got a stupid question. I'm not a PC gamer so have no clue. How do usernames work on PC games?


    If I want a certain username for Halo Online do I have to get it before someone else obtains it or can multiple people use the same name?


    And how do you go about making the name in the first place, will it ask you to make one when you start the game up?


    I need to start PC gaming lol.

    Pretty much the exact same way as everywhere else. You sign up for an account, choose your username, then that's yours.


    On Steam you can have nicknames which is what everyone else sees however your login username stays the same. If Halo Online ever comes to the west I think it's probably unlikely it will use steam though.

  2. So myself and some of the other staff members were brainstorming some ideas for Halo 5 in game items (micro transactions) and I came up on with one that I want to see what other people think of it. People are either going to like it or absolute hate it so hear me out when I explain it.


    So everyone already has talked about weapon skins and armor skins - and even possibly the logos or banners with logos of the teams on the map (similar to Dota 2 banners) so let's say you bought the EG pack for $2 and on the maps - there are certain spots that have EG's colors and logos or something similar.


    So my idea: Team Plasma Grenade Pack


    So let's say these were a real thing and you buy the Denial eSports team plasma grenade pack for $2. If you buy the pack and apply it to your plasma grenades - your plasma grenades would now be Orange instead of the usual purple. Upon hitting the ground or hitting someone, the grenade would do it's typical timed glow (so in this case from Orange to let's say a bright white light sort of glow). The explosion would be Orange, with Orange particles - and possibly even have the logo of the team be the burn the grenade leaves behind on the ground or surface after exploding. So let's say for a team like EG - the grenades would be greenish-blue in color, have a green/blue explosion & particles, then burn an EG logo into the ground after exploding.


    Again - just an idea I came up with. The way I see it is it could work or be complete aids - but I want to hear from you guys what you think as a way of stepping outside of the typical armor, weapon, or map skins idea.

    As long as some colours weren't blinding or anything that sounds fine.


    Honestly, I think any cosmetic micro transactions would be fine as long as you can disable being able to see others. Kinda like how Forza allows you to disable custom paint jobs.

  3. Every PC game is moddable by nature, the question is if those mods will be allowed on official servers or on a private client. Think private servers for WoW so people can play Vanilla WoW again, even though live servers are on the current expansion.

    Potentially, although the devs could definitely make it difficult for modders. Do games like LoL or DOTA have mods?


    you know what F2P means right?

    Yes... Why do you ask?

  4. so this game is like Halo 4, but reborn as an RPG thing kinda thingy

    It's like every negative from Halo 4 only built upon and they're making you pay for it.



    About all the modding talk, are we sure modding will even be possible? It's sounds like an online only game and considering its reliant on micro transactions, modding seems unlikely to me.

  5. Has Ninja confirmed his team with Goofy, Legit, & Spartan for IG Atlanta?

    I don't think anything has been 100% confirmed however it seems very likely. Ninja has said a few things about orgs etc. on stream.


    what are you trying to be cryptic or hip or something?


    trying too hard bruh


    edit: denial panda its roman numerals   :kappa:


    I know this name.


    I'm bringing my horrible opinion train from Gaf...

  6. If it doesn't that could be cool. I mean... interaction between community and developers for skin contests, armor designs... stuff like that. As long as it doesn't affect gameplay. I'm all against microtransactions that changes the gameplay.

    Huh, first thing I manage to do on this Forum is accidentally give someone a negative thing... Sorry about that :3



    OT: This looks interesting, it's basically everything people didn't want in Halo, in Halo. I don't really care, as long as this stuff doesn't bleed into the mainline games.

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