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  1. How do you break audio again after fixing it. Like, just don't touch anything, how difficult is that?
  2. Lol, "let's bring up the stats" Shows Optic having a chat. Can we just never hire UMG again?
  3. Audio sucks but gameplay is again saving the stream. What a game.
  4. Worlds was a really good event to watch though, it had barely any issues on the steam.
  5. It's enough that it covers team passes. That's enough to potentially encourage more teams to go. Also surely if the payouts are puny, it doesn't matter that they're taken away from the top payouts.
  6. Is the audio off in the pre-show welcome screen? This music doesn't sound right.
  7. 2 bullets from a BR and a tiny amount of damage from a shotgun probably wouldn't be enough.
  8. The only reason companies provide updates on maintenance is when it's going to affect the users. If their maintenance is done without shutting down servers why would they tell us?
  9. I was under the impression that Azure uses virtual servers. So to do maintenance you don't shut down everything, you just move traffic elsewhere. Or maybe when you aren't just looking for problems you can sometimes see fairly obvious answers. My experience with H5 is actually no worse than any other multiplayer game. With matchmaking I always get laggy games on occasion. To be fair i live in the UK so maybe I'm just more used to it.
  10. The servers are being run by Microsoft. They're using the Azure cloud.
  11. "Competitive" as in playing against other people. Destiny's PvP is by definition competitive multiplayer. I'd rather play H5 with the worst heavy aim imaginable than Deatiny's PvP. Also the game basically aims for you.
  12. It also has obcsene levels of aim assist and bullet mag. It's like every single gun is H5's sniper in that game. Destiny's PvP is also probably the worst competitive multiplayer FPS I've played on console. It's awful.
  13. I don't think pros should be helping teams through the open, no.
  14. That seems more like a poor decision for OC which has been rectified...
  15. That seems fair enough doesn't it? A pro shouldn't be allowed to temporarily join a team to help them through the open then go back to the pro team. Unless that pro intended on leaving the pro team to join the AM team. Someone tell me if I'm misunderstanding stuff here...
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