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  1. I think this came up last time... you all are overestimating how accurate KBM players are. Yes, you can be pinpoint accurate more than console but even the best PC players still miss a lot of their shots. If the sniper is projectile and has 0 bullet magnetism on PC with reasonably sized hitboxes it would be fine. If the game has the same hitboxes and bullet magnetism as H5 currently does, even in the absence of any aim assist, it would be a nightmare on PC... but so would just about every other weapon.


    its really not the weapons that would be the issue on PC, its the overly forgiving hit detection and over-reliance on hitscan and Halo has needed to tone that shit down even on console for the last 3 games.

    If you look at competitive shooters on PC they all have ways of accounting for the accuracy of the mouse.


    - Fast movement/high mobility

    - Main weapons are slow projectiles (such as rocket launchers)

    - Reticule sway for sniper style weapons.

    - Recoil patterns


    These are often combined together as well.



    Halo is a slow shooter dominated by powerful precision weapons.


    You can make all the weapons projectile based but with Halo's slow movement and small maps that's not going to have much of a significant effect.


    The game won't be completely broken on PC but at a competitive level it will play very differently.




    Edit: Also, the biggest issue with regards to the sniper when switching to kb/m is that at close range it would be no less viable than any other weapon in the sandbox. Making it a projectile weapon certainly wouldn't help with that. Removing the reticule might help somewhat but it won't hinder a semi decent player all that much.

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  2. https://twitter.com/ske7ch/status/1007745106403717120


    Posting this here in the off chance HCS does start doing MCC events. Fill it in so we have decent playlists to play when the game gets updated later in the year.

    Team Hardcore/HCS was my number one choice for each game bar CE.


    Also I have a strong feeling that we're going to get some MCC tournaments. With the big focus on a classic art style in Infinite I think it's also likely that we're going to see a move towards classic gameplay. Building hype for that with MCC tournaments would be awesome.

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  3. https://www.artstation.com/rogelio/blog/0r7a/343-industries-here-i-come-and-goodbye-naughtydog


    That Slipspace engine seems to have attracted at least one dev...


    Always loved the Halo universe and 343 has something special coming up. Something so special that 343 managed to rip me from the clutches of a studio I hold near and dear to my heart Naughty Dog! I have been at ND for almost 6 years now and it has been the longest studio I have ever worked at in my career. ND has been by far the best studio I have worked in my entire experience as a game dev.

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  4. I don’t live in USA, I don’t get to play MCC. One of the main reason that the rest of the world can’t catch up to NA is because we’ll online gaming has most of the servers in NA, well good luck trying to play with 150 pong to your nearest server.

    I live in the UK and it's fine unless I try and find a match in the middle of the day.

  5. If you don't think ADS is bad, you've never watched someone play Halo 5 as their first Halo before. I felt horrible for the friends I tried to bring into the game. I can't imagine how unintuitive and frustrating it must have been, coming from Call of Duty, seeing ADS, and then having it function completely differently. Halo plays different. It should fucking look different.


    Shit like that turns would-be new players away in droves.

    This is the first complaint I've seen about H5's "ADS" that I genuinely agree with.


    By setting up false expectations you're going to frustrate new players.

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  6. I come in here everyday, read a bunch of lazy posts about how bad H5 is and realize I just miss @@Moses_FPS.


    Wrong and wrong. Thanks for playing. Be sure to get your Kotaku goody bag on the way out.

    Well to be fair it is true that there are a bunch of morons out there who are being pissy about women being in the game.


    There's also a more reasonable and probably larger group who are disappointed that V doesn't seem to be going for the same serious tone that the previous mainline titles had.

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