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  1. Damn, why aren't they showing this instead of montages?
  2. Might be a bit of an awkward match that. Ninja vs Spartan
  3. Hunt the truth is so damn good. It's absolutely fantastic.
  4. NB managed to win a Shrine TS game, against EG of all people. I think NB should come away from this pleased
  5. NB are currently beating EG in Shrine TS... Something is wrong. Edit: NB wins game 2 against EG; Shrine TS: 50 - 42 1 each in the series. NB really stepped it up in that game, very surprised they took down EG in Shrine TS.
  6. I think NB will be fine. They just destroyed at Lockout Ball. They just really need to figure out their Shrine TS game.
  7. NB really needs to work on their Shrine TS game. It's poor, they're uncoordinated, unaware and push far to often.
  8. "Indicator" issues seems to imply Ricochet in general, however it's not very clear.
  9. Pretty sure Noble have played them a few times on PGLs. NB won pretty easily iirc.
  10. They should just raise the goals up a bit so the ball can't roll in. Edit: I'm an idiot, you said exactly that in your post.
  11. I think it's interesting that everyone was saying to ignore the pros opinions when it came to Tesla. Quite a few pros wanted it and the community reacted by saying they're uncreative and don't like anything new and asking 343 to ignore the pro opinions. Now the community is making a 180 and asking why 343 didn't listen to the pros.
  12. He's definitely played it. Watched him play CE 2v2s on stream the other day.
  13. Who else would it be? He hates the BR and wants Ninja to play CE. I'm just kidding Funknown He also has the same avatar.
  14. I think he means when a teammate is dead, they go into spectator mode. In the beta you got a third person view if I recall correctly.
  15. I really liked the Spartan Chatter, really useful in coordinating what would be a completely uncoordinated team. Then again you're always going to have players which completely ignore everything they say. I wasn't so keen on all the "fluff" comments like "Nice kill" etc. However they said they're reducing that from the beta so hopefully it should be fine.

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