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  1. I love it, one of my favourite looking maps.
  2. Arkanum was trolling massively in Spartan's chat earlier, saying stuff like "#Winteriscoming" Could be troll, could be hints.
  3. I really like some of the Promethean design. The tron lights are great, Monolith is a fantastic looking map.
  4. What the hell is Noble Black going to do as an organisation? Surely that's a lot of contracts which have just fallen through...
  5. Halo 5 is still very much Halo at it's core IMO. It felt unmistakably Halo.
  6. I wasn't denying that it had an effect on auto weapons. I was saying the effect on non-automatics is minimal to none.
  7. Does it actually have any noticeable effect? Zooming has always decreased spread relative to the range you're shooting at anyway.
  8. - Faux ADS which doesn't have any mechanical effect on non-auto weapons and has no effect on movement speed. For the most part it is completely cosmetic. - Do CoD/BF really have automatic callouts on enemy locations etc. which helps to create a more coordinated and team orientated game? - You're really reaching with the power weapon callout aspect as well, there's a big difference between notifying everyone when a weapon spawns on the map and notifying a single player when their killstreak award is available. Also: Really?
  9. If anyone is wondering, Dwells is a salty guy from HaloGAF. Don't think he posts here...
  10. You wouldn't think Noble Black had only placed 7th based off of this...
  11. Why wouldn't the chief have them? Halo 4 ended with him taking his armour off on the Infinity. Seems reasonable that he could get a new suit of armour.
  12. They're still part of cutscenes though. The actual gameplay didn't look as good as that.
  13. I agree that the cutscenes may be that good, however we already have a reasonable idea of how good the graphics are from the beta. Obviously they weren't final, but they won't be getting to the level of CGI in less than a year.
  14. Oh yeah, it's not his fault. I just don't think it really suited Ninja and Spartan that much considering they are grinding every night for hours. Especially with how Goofy is a bit out of practice.
  15. Goofy seems to have disappeared after the Warriors 2.0 team fell apart. He didn't tweet about Atlanta at all or anything like that. I don't think him or Legit put enough time in, you could tell that Ninja and Spartan were getting annoyed by it. Especially after they got Reality Checked.
  16. Cutscenes maybe, in game no way. Also I agree, people are taking this trailer far too literally.
  17. Prototype to join Str8 Sick on eLevate and Spartan to NB? I don't know anything about eLevate's composition other than Str8 Sick so I have no idea if this would be feasible.
  18. I just want to see Spartan and Ninja team up so they can stream together again. Maybe Spartan moves to NB? He played really well this weekend.
  19. Wouldn't be surprised if it integrates Promethean tech in some way. That trailer was badass though.
  20. They were so damn funny to watch on stream together. I would love to see them team again.

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