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  1. Pretty sure Ninja said the Naded thing was purely speculation from him.
  2. Yeah, Ninja looked like he really enjoyed playing with NB. Him and Arkanum seemed to really enjoy streaming together. Obviously their performance wasn't stellar, but it looked like they enjoyed playing together... obviously not.
  3. Legit teamed with Goofy, Ninja and Spartan for a bit before they got Reality Checked and Ninja went to Noble Black (RIP).
  4. See, I understand and agree that it'll make Halo look bad, however I fucking hate this attitude. "H5 is just copying CoD AW!" Even though they probably started development at around the same and the H5 beta trailer demonstrating all the new abilities came out the same day the CoD AW gameplay trailer came out. Obviously 343 whipped up the beta in a few months after trying to rip all the new features from CoD, obviously 343 are just copying Sledgehammer. /s I see this so often and it's just so completely illogical. The mental gymnastics people must go through to get to the conclusion that all the stuff 343 made for H5 is just copied from AW is baffling. (This isn't directed at you by the way Vin, just at people in general who seem to go along this line of thought.)
  5. Isn't this more like CoD is really Halo now...? Thruster pack and stuff is closer to Halo than it is to CoD.
  6. Ryanoob just flat out said Aries and Prototype are free agents and Arkanum said nothing... RIP Noble.
  7. The intel has slowed down It was mostly just the rumour Tickle posted above though.
  8. I negged you because you were quite literally just repeating your previous post. We can read, it's not like you're previous post has disappeared. In general I think the whole concept of "negging" is a terrible idea as it only serves to discourage discussion and actively pushes those with unpopular opinions away. However both those posts was completely pointless and add nothing to the discussion.
  9. Over 100k when I popped in. I have 0 interest in Destiny though so I don't know why I was watching... You have to remember though that Destiny is a multiplatform release, and that they're revealing new content. It's not a tournament where you'd only get a very niche audience.
  10. No, I meant when you and Spartan were a duo! Unless you left then as well... Not sure we ever got the exact details of what happened then... Side note: Go stream with Spartan again! You guys were hilarious together. I was telling him to stream with you in his stream last night. 2nd side note: What happened to the ninjaDog?!
  11. By the way, you can hard reset the Xbox without pulling the power by holding the power button on the console for 5-10 seconds. Probably a safer way of doing it.
  12. I'd like the option to lower my reticule back to where it was in H2 - H4. It felt so weird playing with a cross hair right in the middle of the screen.
  13. You tried hard resetting the Xbox since downloading the update?
  14. He's had it pretty rough over the last few weeks. - Dropped by C9 - Dropped by Denial - Dropped by NB - Get's Reality Checked with Warriors 2.0 and Spartan - Joins NB again only to realise it wasn't working.
  15. Damn, the new rocket sounds really good. Shame about the looks. All of the weapons sound great actually, meaty and powerful.
  16. They've already said that they'll be pushing out ranks over the next few days.
  17. Aries deleted that F/A tweet by the way... https://twitter.com/AriescAries Edit: As did Prototype... https://twitter.com/Noble_Prototype/status/590635706093035520
  18. To be fair, a lot of Halo's weapons have always looked pretty generic, I mean the BR is basically just a curvy FAMAS.

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