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  1. I'd be worried about scaring potential orgs off after this. Disregarding contracts just because they don't suit you...
  2. I googled it, seems like that's exactly what it is. I have no idea why people seem so excited by it. Everyone knows chips and curry sauce dongs on chips and gravy.
  3. Honestly, the Noble and Ninja situation seems fair... The elevate and Spartan situation seems a bit weirder. Letting Spartan play on Excellence for Atlanta then turning around and saying no to this team seems a bit scummy.
  4. None of them want to team under Elevate because of the stuff going on at the moment. Don't think they liked Noble as an org either, Noble also already has a team.
  5. The CEO of Elevate seems to be claiming otherwise... Not sure why he's saying this when the players are saying the exact opposite.
  6. Are you sure you know what speculation means? Because this entire paragraph is speculation...
  7. That is a Spartan IV though, just with an ODST style helmet.
  8. This was my favourite thing about the beta actually. Every weapon seems to viable depending on the situation. I found myself actually picking up and using ARs and SMGs. Which is a welcome change IMO.
  9. Damn, that's what I thought it might have been. That is some seriously terrible communication though. Is Noble still looking for a Noble Black team then? Hope you find a team soon @@Prototype
  10. Halo has such good marketing. This poster thing is getting me hyped.
  11. Would probably be better to split the 3k across all the other online cups, no?
  12. How do orgs deal with all these constant team changes? Take Noble for example, they had a team, they made a bunch of merchandise for all the players and now suddenly all their players leave and said merchandise is useless. Players just disregard their contracts left and right. It must be a massive pain in the ass to deal with.
  13. Exactly, I'm here to play Halo, not send messages about consumer rights... It really is, I also can't stand the 360 controller compared to the X1's. The looser sticks feel so much better.

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