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  1. Only thing I would suggest is changing the "Ninja HCS" to just "Ninja". Because if he changes his GT it kinds goes out of date, whereas just Ninja would stay relevant.
  2. It's explained in the context of the series at the start of the series. However it seems to be a recurring theme throughout H5's marketing. I'm not entirely sure... Also, another note. The Hunt the Truth series starts on episode 0, not episode 1.
  3. Aha, yeah that was a pretty unfortunate post to make that mistake in :3
  4. If you haven't already go listen to the Hunt the Truth audio series. It's absolutely amazing.
  5. To be fair I didn't notice that one. Although I'm pretty sure I can chalk it up to overzealous autocorrect.
  6. What they need is audio control. Keep the music in just let us control the volume.
  7. You're reading comprehension is severely lacking if you think I'm comparing them in terms of quality. The point is that randoms are going to lose just as badly against a solid team on CE as they would be against a team who has Warthog control on Standoff.
  8. You say this like ARs on Standoff is completely and utterly broken. It really isn't, there's been many times where I've fought back from losing on Standoff. Grab a BR, or find some nades and then you can easily take down a Warthog. Also this ^^^ A team of players who really know CE against a bunch of randoms is just as punishing for the other team.
  9. Pretty sure he's said multiple times that he picks it because he likes driving around in a Warthog.
  10. The overkill through the smoke was a blind headshot on someone in mid jump. He went and looked at in theatre on stream, completely ridiculous.
  11. This is bizarre logic. Killing the other team is the entire point of the game, finding an effective way of doing that is the aim of every player. It's almost like saying I'm not going to use the sniper because then I'll be killing the other team and so they'll be having a miserable time.
  12. It's the most fun I think I've had in competitive Halo multiplayer. So it's pretty damn good imo. The campaign quality is what will really decide where it stacks up for me though.
  13. That's just not true at all. Take NeoGAF for example, every Halo thread is filled with MCC complaints.
  14. Cup 2 was this past weekend. This upcoming weekend should hopefully be on.
  15. It's not an excuse, it's him explaining why H5 won't have the same problems, or at least hopefully won't. And the reason he's talking about H5 is because that's their flagship title releasing at the end of the year. Of course he's going to talk about it. Literally the only reason for this article was to explain why H5 won't have the same issues as the MCC.
  16. Prop hunt, it's more a Garry's Mod game than CS. It's basically hide and seek, the props have no way of defending themselves, so they have to try and blend in with the map. It's been done in Reach and 4, pretty sure it's a modded game type. I played it quite a few times, it is genuinely hilarious with friends. It doesn't work quite as well in Halo as GMod as Halo maps are far cleaner and aren't filled with useless clutter props. It's still very funny though. I highly recommend watching a seananners prop hunt video, they're very funny.
  17. Ninja with the most ridiculously clean killimanjaro I have ever seen. Damn.
  18. Haha, just as you posted that I edited my comment.
  19. They're setting it up to be a seriously good campaign. The whole concept of the chief being hunted by Locke is really intriguing and Hunt the Truth is genuinely fantastic. If they manage to make H5's story anywhere near as gripping as Hunt the Truth then it will be amazing.
  20. Someone needs to figure out what the noises at the end mean. Edit: apparently it's a link to silentgauntlet.com
  21. The campaigns were playable in the MCC, they had issues like checkpoint data being lost but that was the worst of it. Also, there's a massive difference between H5 and the MCC, 343 didn't actually do any of the technical work behind porting the campaigns IIRC. H4's campaign worked perfectly for the vast majority of people so personally I'm confident H5's will be fine.
  22. The current prediction is a BTB reveal and campaign.
  23. I realise this, and I can understand why you might not want to tell people. There's nothing wrong with keeping it a secret, at the end of the day it makes no real difference. I wasn't really complaining about the secrets. It's just quite nice that he's being so open about it.
  24. I love how @@Prototype is actually telling us what's going on. Nice change from all the #intel stuff.
  25. We already know Ninja's actual team, it's Ninja, Aries, Spartan and Shooter. This is a troll.

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