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  1. This seriously sucks :/ Halo is back in working order and people are getting DDOSed.
  2. Was watching Spartan's stream when it suddenly died, could well be a DDOS...
  3. Spartan just got an over exterm against EG to stop the bomb arm on Warlord bomb. That was clutch.
  4. Yesterday was literally the first time The Other Guys had played together as a team, so they did damn good against EG.
  5. 4-3 to EG I believe? First game was Warlord CTF which went to EG, then TOG won TS on Shrine and Ball on Lockdown. I didn't watch the rest though.
  6. That's not what I'm trying to say at all, my other post on this page explains it far better. Basically when Johnny Thumbless and Timmy Thumbless play with their friends, the spawn system makes the game far worse because they're constantly being spawned in front of each other. Nobody knows about manipulating spawns and it makes the game kinda shit. I'm not talking about when a pro plays a new kid. I think pros being able to manipulate spawns etc. is a good thing as it adds to the depth. However with CE's system that extra depth at the top level play comes at the price of making low skill level play kinda suck. The system should provide fair spawns for standard play whilst also allowing pros to manipulate them. For example in H2A pro games the spawns are constantly being manipulated, however in standard matchmaking you don't get spawned directly in front of the enemy. It works for low skill levels whilst also increasing the skill ceiling and adding depth in top level play.
  7. Did you read any of my post? Nowhere did I say the game should be dumbed down, nowhere did I say there should be a low learning curve, nowhere did I say their should be a low skill ceiling. I said the features which give the game a high skill ceiling shouldn't make the game worse for the rest of the player base. You don't need experience with the spawn system to be aware of the fact that you regularly get spawned directly in front and behind of the other team. And you argue this is a good thing because the top level players can manipulate this system? Things like grenade jumps, power weapon timing, quick camo etc. are all great features because they improve the gameplay and depth at the top level, without harming the experience for the rest of the players. Good game design should allow a bunch of new players to have a fun time playing together whilst also allowing the top level players to have a deep and high skill game. The problem with the spawn system is that, whilst it does mean top level play has more depth, it also means a game with lesser skilled players sucks because everyone is constantly getting spawned 2m from the enemy team. Also I'm not arguing that you shouldn't be able to manipulate the spawns, I'm saying that not knowing how to manipulate the spawns shouldn't mean you constantly spawn directly in front of the enemy. Especially when you're playing in matchmaking and relying on your team mates to know what they're doing. TL;DR: High level strategy and features should exist, however they shouldn't make the experience worse for a match consisting of low skilled players.
  8. I enjoyed it because it was very intense. The best part of a standard slayer match is a very close game at the very end where there's only a few kills in it. Breakout was like those final few moments condensed into a round based gametype. It was awesome. Every single action had to be considered, every death had a massive impact. Clutching a 4v1 was probably the best moment of the beta for me, and probably one of the best games I've had in Halo. It was just an awesome feeling.
  9. It's actually the exact opposite. If a system directly makes the game worse for the majority of players, it's not a good system. If a system benefits top level play but but doesn't affect everyone else, that's brilliant. For example the grenade tricks/jumps in CE are great. They add depth and a new layer to the gameplay. However they don't make the worse for the rest of the community. CE's spawn system may make the game better for the top level of play, however it makes the game far less enjoyable for everyone else. That's a bad system. A game should be enjoyable for all skill ranges and should get obviously get better as your skill increases. It shouldn't require you to reach a threshold skill level to enjoy it. There shouldn't be any aspects which make the game better for a few at the expense of everyone else.
  10. This only applies for the top level of play though, for every one else it sucks. The system should work for well for all skill levels. Adding depth to the game shouldn't make it worse for the vast majority of the players. Also spawn killing sucks. It's frustrating for the player's being killed and boring for those killing them.
  11. Sure, this may be good for competitive games where people are communicating and know exactly what they're doing. However for standard matchmaking it's terrible. You should never spawn directly in front of the other team, that's a bad spawn system. Fair enough, at the time it was fairly good I imagine (can't really remember :p). However with today's standards it's not good.
  12. I haven't played a lot of CE, however in every single game I have I spawned directly in front or behind of the enemy team multiple times. I've spawned on grenades and died instantly, spawned behind someone within melee range, spawned with literally the entire enemy team in front of me killing me instantly. Simple doesn't make it good.
  13. Perhaps they're still just figuring all the details out. After the contracts fiasco they were in last week it's understandable they're probably being very careful with signing anything this time.
  14. Pretty sure Ninjas new team hasn't played a single game together yet... This might be a very scrappy cup gameplay wise.
  15. It was, however it was also originally smaller in scope. When they decided to make it a full title they scaled it up a bit. It was definitely worth the asking price though. A full length campaign, firefight and the full H3 multiplayer suite is an amazing deal. The campaign was also one of the best in the series.
  16. Are people still having issues with search times and uneven teams? Everything I've seen has been pretty acceptable. Except for quitters, they're still running rampant even with the changes...
  17. I think having pistol only starts would go a ways to improving it as well. The pistol was fairly difficult to use in the beta. Maybe have the SMG as an on map pick up instead of the BR.
  18. I enjoyed the mode. It wasn't perfect but I really like the concept and with some tweaking it could be great. Stuff which has already been suggested like adding an objective would go a long way to reducing the kinda camp offs you occasionally got. I thought the maps were okay. Trench was pretty good and I liked how close quarters it could be, Crossfire wasn't as good, the BR dominated far too much on that map. I really liked how the maps were designed from an aesthetic point of view though; very clean and arena-esque. I hope they stick with that style. It would also be very cool if they added a skin like that for Forge.
  19. Accidental neg, again. Browsing Beyond on mobile is really annoying.

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