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  1. Http://epiccapitalmanagement.ca The guy was apparently a director in Millennial Esports as well.
  2. Good team, weird name. Edit: anything rumblings of who Naded might be playing with?
  3. I saw the ESL logo at the end of that video, I wonder how they're involved.
  4. Isn't it almost 3am where you are right now? Why are you awake man?
  5. There's also absolutely no reason to state "future Halo project" rather than "future project". We already know they're working on a Halo title because they are literally the Halo company. It makes no difference saying one or the other.
  6. Sooo... UGC then? Edit: https://twitter.com/UGCevents/status/940334723691368448 This seems rather well timed considering the Halo plans are also soon to be announced.
  7. Fair enough, perhaps there are some implicit comparisons. That said, is there anything wrong with that? I mean, the purpose of this thread is to discuss Halo. I've seen a number of posts comparing the CoD scene favouribly to Halo over the last couple of days. Why is it that when people compare Halo favouribly you consider it crass?
  8. I don't think a single person in the last few pages has compared Halo to CoD. The only mentions of them both have been you and Cyren complaining about people comparing them...
  9. Out of the string of posts on this you chose to respond to mine? I'm not even saying the gameplay is bad, only that it's not particularly competitive, at least relative to other esport titles.
  10. He's saying the competitive scene is only big because the game is huge. The gameplay is extremely casual friendly. Out of all the big esport games being played at the moment CoD is by far the least competitive.
  11. No he doesn't. He talks about new Halo fans. I've been playing Halo for 15 years, I've only followed the competitive scene for about 3 of those. I used to think Halo esports was ridiculous and make posts about how a Spartan should be able to sprint because they're super soldiers. I've now come to realise that Halo esports is actually kinda awesome and that my posts disparaging it were wrong. Opinions and points of view change over time. Especially when you're exposed to new things, ie: Also as a side note: everyone has said dumb shit at some point in the past, holding that against them when they're actually doing something good is just petty. I'd also like to point out that one of main reasons I first tuned into a Halo stream was because 343 was promoting it.
  12. Man, talk about some elitest bull. "If you weren't there in the magic card basement tournies then your opinion doesn't really count." You ever consider that someone's point of view can change?
  13. Its a short statement but it's not vague. He's just saying that the settings are not locked in and that they're taking more feedback and will review on Monday. Ie: the pros will tell them that BR starts suck and they'll go back to magnums.
  14. Yeah, you've got a point, that line right there was a load of rubbish. That said I would rather have completely irrelevant marketing than marketing which spoiled too much. I do still think the backlash over the marketing was disproportionate to the actual problem though.
  15. I stand by most of that. Only thing I'd say is that on subsequent playthroughs I realized the story was pretty bad. It's all just set up for 6. But hey, honeymoon period and all that. I've got to say though, I'm surprised some of you are still here talking about this game considering your apparently dislike of it.
  16. I feel like that Splyce vs Optic fathom flag was made even more amazing by the non sudden death system. Maybe have 3 minutes of extra time then 15 minutes of sudden death instead of replay after 3 minutes.
  17. I know I'm late to the party on this one but these live scrims stats are really fucking cool. Nice job.
  18. Snarky? Looks more like he's poking fun at himself to me.
  19. I want an nV - Splyce finals. Mostly because watching nV beat Optic in the losers bracket finals would be amazing.
  20. How does the earbud thing actually work? What comes out of the headset and what comes out of the ear buds?
  21. If Ronin stopped the game then they should forfeit it, it's not their decision to make. No matter how shitty their situation.
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