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  1. I'm definitely rooting for Envy now. Let's go! (I should point out I was rooting for them before they won that game...)
  2. I'm from the UK, I've got to back our boys! Also, always root for the underdog :P
  3. There's a weird over sharpening effect going on. Audio is still dodgy as well.
  4. That's how I think it works based on the fairly little and confusing info that we have...
  5. Teams 5 - 8 from the open bracket go straight to losers round 1 though.
  6. Some slightly related feedback, Halo doesn't feature anywhere on mlg.com. I'm making a thread on ResetEra to discuss Orlando/the rest of the HWC and I was going to link mlg.com but there doesn't seem to be any point...
  7. So where do 13 - 16 from pool play go? I thought that 9 - 12 would populate losers round 2 whilst 13 - 16 go to losers round 1...
  8. Can someone explain to me exactly how the format will actually work this weekend? From what I've gathered the top 4 teams from the open bracket will join pool play and the next 4 from the open will go straight into the Championship losers bracket round 1. Then the top 8 from pool play will seed the Championship Winners bracket whilst the bottom 4 seed the rest of the losers bracket round 1. Teams 9-12 from pool play will go into the losers bracket round 2. Is that right?
  9. Sea of Thieves is incredible, some of the most fun I've ever had playing a game. It does have sprint though...
  10. Pretty sure slyfox was saying Truth flag would be too quick with 10 second respawn.
  11. That's irrelevant. Without the req system the content either wouldn't exist or it would have been part of paid map packs.
  12. It was planned on the basis that the reqs they sold would fund it. I feel like this shouldn't have to be explained...
  13. Besides the obvious in removing Spartan abilities, what would you want changed from the current HCS settings?
  14. You guys are reading way too far into that tweet. I mean, chances are that the next Halo isn't going back to classic gameplay. That said, do you really think that the Neighbour would go and potentially reveal details about 343's next title in a 3 word hashtag on the day that he leaves? Nah, I'm pretty sure that hashtag wasn't meant to mean anything.
  15. So what do the current teams we know about look like? Obviously we've got Reciprocity and Optic but where do the rest stand currently?
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