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  1. I just don't think that's true. The problem isn't the lack of Halo content to discuss; the community is clearly happy to discuss stuff other than Halo, as evidenced by the fact that this thread is filled with off topic posts. The problem is that the way you've got this forum set up. Beyond has the the forum equivalent of Halo 5's playlist problem. There are way too many unnecessary sections. Beyond has 3 seperate Halo sections, one of which has two more sub sections. You've got an entire off topic category as well as an individual off topic thread in the Halo section! If you segregate all the different categories of discussion like that then obviously you're going to have issues as people just can't find the discussions. This forum would be far better if you completely removed all the categories. Consolidate unnecessary threads (you don't need separate threads for finding players in different states/cities) and bring them all together into one forum. That way, instead of people bookmarking this specific thread, they bookmark the front page of the forums. Instead of trying to bunch all the discussions into one thread you can see each seperate discussion at a glance and engage with those which you're interested in. Yeah, it's likely that this specific thread would be a lot quieter but instead you'd have a bunch of different active threads. People are capable of posting in more than one thread. There are communities all over the internet which are evidence of that. Then again, I can understand that you might want to avoid having people stumble across the H5 discussion thread so maybe it is best to keep everything in here.
  2. People might actually discuss the HCS more regularly if you didn't have to wade through mountains of off topic shit to see relevant posts. It's not exactly hard to ask people to post off topic stuff in the off topic thread. It's not like it would ruin the banter and memes etc if they were in another thread. It's pretty simple to switch between two threads.
  3. What? Shooting through walls isn't exactly a rare occurrence in online games. I've seen it happen multiple times in the original trilogy.
  4. So it seems like the source of your problem is people quitting social matches...
  5. Dunno why but tapping that link just doesn't work for me. It only opens if I "open in new tab"...
  6. Yeah, I've not watched any of it. An 11 hour difference is rough.
  7. On a more positive note, apparently there haven't been any crashes at Sydney so far!
  8. Oh damn. Also, what is this black avatar theory? How is them changing their avatars a negotiation tactic? What're they trying to negotiate?
  9. Based off of Snakebite's tweet it seems like Optic were still interested in sponsoring the team. "Couldn't come to an agreement"
  10. I'd say it's more likely a contract issue with winnings etc. Optic might have wanted a bigger slice of the pie than what the team were willing to give.
  11. Yeah, the fact that you can completely ignore the req system if all you play is arena makes it absolutely fine IMO. I would like to see them add the ability to purchase armour outright using req points for H6 though.
  12. I'd much rather have reqs and free content updates than no reqs and having to pay for map packs. On a different note this is one of the more bizarre games I've been a part of in terms of matchmaking/final score: 2 champions and 2 Onyx players going up against 4 unranked players and yet we managed to only lose by 4 kills despite one of my teammates goosing. The fuck? That said based on previous stats my two teammates who didn't goose are pretty decent.
  13. Based on the pro points groups doesn't the 12th seed have the easiest group for their respective section (9th-12th)? Ie: for 9th to get into the top 8 they'd have to beat the 5th and 13th seed. For 12th to get into top 8 they need to beat the 8th and 16th seed. That doesn't seem very fair...
  14. Well the primary purpose of an esport is entertainment (at least for the companies running it).
  15. Well that's probably because they paired 3 of the best players in Europe with me. I can only drag them down so far. In all honesty I'm not really complaining that much. I quite enjoy playing with really good players, it's a good learning experience.
  16. Some top quality matchmaking in the HaloWC playlist: (Not pictured is me going 5 and 18...)
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