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  1. Damn that looks weird. Almost like someone has photoshopped pictures of the H4 BR into Halo 3 maps... Especially that Guardian picture, the scale almost seems off too.
  2. To be fair, don't title updates have to go through MS first? So the update was probably submitted to MS before hand and then MS released it as soon as it finished testing. Which unfortunately happened to be during an event.
  3. Pretty much the exact same way as everywhere else. You sign up for an account, choose your username, then that's yours. On Steam you can have nicknames which is what everyone else sees however your login username stays the same. If Halo Online ever comes to the west I think it's probably unlikely it will use steam though.
  4. As long as some colours weren't blinding or anything that sounds fine. Honestly, I think any cosmetic micro transactions would be fine as long as you can disable being able to see others. Kinda like how Forza allows you to disable custom paint jobs.
  5. Oh, no I meant you have to pay for the negatives, you don't just unlock them. As in paying for perks etc.
  6. Potentially, although the devs could definitely make it difficult for modders. Do games like LoL or DOTA have mods? Yes... Why do you ask?
  7. It's definitely today, he said the recovery time is 1-5 days so hopefully we'll see him streaming again by the end of the weekend.
  8. It's like every negative from Halo 4 only built upon and they're making you pay for it. About all the modding talk, are we sure modding will even be possible? It's sounds like an online only game and considering its reliant on micro transactions, modding seems unlikely to me.
  9. They did, although from the sounds of it he didn't mesh well with the cloud 9 team at all.
  10. Cheers! I'm sure everything will be fine! People will love my opinions on Halo 4! :3
  11. It's Jem, I thought the horrible opinion train might have been a good clue :p
  12. I don't think anything has been 100% confirmed however it seems very likely. Ninja has said a few things about orgs etc. on stream. I know this name. I'm bringing my horrible opinion train from Gaf...
  13. Huh, first thing I manage to do on this Forum is accidentally give someone a negative thing... Sorry about that :3 OT: This looks interesting, it's basically everything people didn't want in Halo, in Halo. I don't really care, as long as this stuff doesn't bleed into the mainline games.
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