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  1. The scoreboard point was just an anecdote. I was just trying to show there was a massive range of skill levels. Obviously I should have been matched with these people, but it still shows a big difference in skill is possible. The skill gap was clearly pretty high though. The reduced aim assist alone increased it.
  2. You say this like the skill gap was tiny in the game, that is just completely untrue. I was playing games where my team would win 50-5 and I would go +20. The next game I'd lose 50-20. New players were getting absolutely destroyed in the beta. The skill gap was obviously large. Does adding scope to the automatics make it easier for casual players? Marginally, yes. However a competent BR player would still beat an AR player 9 times out of ten at mid range. Unless the AR player completely got the drop on them. It really didn't make it that much easier for casual players. What it did do was make the AR a somewhat useful weapon. It would be a weapon you would actually pick and use. Personally I thought this was fantastic, it meant that the BR was no longer the only weapon you're use in almost every single situation. Almost every weapon in the beta was useful in a certain situation, this is a good thing. Smart scope made the AR capable at mid range without making it OP at close. That's ignoring the fact that they're addressing the headshot bonus and increasing the spread when zoomed.
  3. Live action trailer incoming! Can't wait to finally get some concrete campaign info.
  4. Arh man, that's shit for him... I hope he and Ninja still stream on occasion, they were hilarious together.
  5. Nobody was jumping to any conclusions, it was just speculation. I didn't think it would be very likely that Ninja would leave Spartan. That really sucks for Spartan :/ I suppose it makes sense from a team standpoint though. Legit really didn't seem that dedicated and Goofy seemed to be pretty busy. Especially after they got Reality Checked...
  6. Oh damn... I wonder why Ninja decided to leave Spartan, Goofy and Legit...
  7. That's what I was worried about, I'm really hoping this isn't the case... I wouldn't be massively surprised though, Ninja kinda seemed like the glue which held that team together Anyway, this is all just speculation, I'm sure we'll find out what's happening soon...
  8. Shit... I'm assuming these two are linked: https://twitter.com/NinjaHCS/status/581913056927703040 The weird thing is that Ninja and Spartan seemed like a guaranteed team. Aries or Arkanum posted somewhere that they wanted Ninja but realised him and Spartan came as a pair. They also played really well together on stream...
  9. Wasn't the delay to prevent cheating? If there wasn't a delay you could party up with someone and have them watch the other team for you giving callouts etc.
  10. Good good That sounds great on both points, playing as the red team could be quite annoying in the beta.
  11. Have you done much to counter the visibility issues on some of the maps? Mainly the pretty major advantage for the blue team?
  12. What's wrong with Tesla? I haven't been following any of the forging drama...
  13. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
  14. That sounds so much fun. Why has my text changed colour...?
  15. I used Wars because it's the only other spin off Halo title that wasn't a mobile game. Also I don't quite understand why Halo Online would limit the fanbase? Russia is a market which currently is completely uninterested in Halo, Halo Online might make them interested as such expand the Halo fanbase. I suppose only releasing Halo Online in Russia would limit the fanbase of Online specifically, however I was referring the Halo fanbase as a whole.
  16. I've had what felt like very slight stuttering. Nothing on the same level as Stonetown drops but it definitely doesn't feel 100% smooth.
  17. Exactly. Halo Online could well be a very good and successful F2P FPS, in the Russian market. We clearly aren't going to like it because we're not the target audience. So it's hardly a "fuck you", it's an attempt to expand the Halo fanbase and obviously make lots of money.
  18. So what exactly is the problem then? You haven't really explained how this is a "fuck you" to the community. To use a previous analogy, was Halo Wars a giant "fuck you" because it was an RTS instead of an FPS?
  19. How is this a "fuck you" to the community? I'm seriously confused. If it were the only Halo title coming out and 343 were hailing it as a mainline title I would completely understand the rage. However it's not, this is a spin off for a secondary market, a market which loves this sort of thing.
  20. We're bringing back the Chopper. And it's gunna be awesome.
  21. It is just a spin off, it's not like this is a mainline Halo. It's an experiment designed for a very specific market. Did Halo Wars get the same reaction because it didn't have crouch jumping and a 4-shot BR? Not trying to say it looks good, only that its not aimed at the Western market at all. Halo 5 is the 4v4 equal starts game.
  22. Funny sort of tech demo considering its optimised to run on low end machines.
  23. Does its twitch position even matter? It would have been competing against the likes of LoL, DOTA and Hearthstone. All of which are free and can be played on your average potato. This was just a limited beta of an exclusive for a console which is struggling relative to its competition. Halo 5's potential fanbase is far smaller, of course its viewing numbers are going to be smaller. Regardless, the game was fun. The number if people watching it on twitch doesn't affect that. Edit: this wasn't targeted at anyone in particular, just commenting on the general discussion.

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