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  1. I'm just saying what the story read. Apparently more people bought the game for the campaign than the multiplayer. Personally I've played each campaign 4+ times.
  2. Playtime probably yeah. But I think this was about what people buy Halo for, more people were interested in buying Halo for the campaign than the multiplayer.
  3. Pretty sure I read somewhere that the Halo campaigns are actually more popular than the multiplayer. I can't remember the exact source though...
  4. Just because they fill similar roles doesn't mean they do the same thing. You've got a choice between single shot or burst fire, and 3 shot zoom or standard 4/5 shot kills. Each of the rifles handles differently. Multiple options for a utility rifle means more variety. Again, they also fill slightly different roles; in a BTB game you're going to swap out a BR for a DMR if you're far away from the action etc. We also have no reason to believe that having multiple rifles means we won't have those other weapons. This was just a beta, with a clearly reduced sandbox. Side note: it's funny how the reputation thing is basically just a disagree button, good way to encourage discussion there :P
  5. I don't understand why this supposed redundancy is bad. There's nothing wrong with having multiple rifles, each one handled fairly differently and was slightly better at different ranges. Why is having only a single rifle better? Why is having less variety in weapons better? You are almost certainly going to be one of these rifles the majority of the time, why would it be better if we could only use one of them? Especially when each rifle had a different role, each one could be picked up depending on the situation you were.
  6. Because then you're constantly using the same weapon. It's quite nice to have some variety for once. My biggest problem with the other Halos is that it's just BRs all the time. The thing about 5's sandbox was that the guns weren't unnecessarily crippled, it's just there were better options for certain situations. The BR was still capable at long range, but the DMR was better. It was still capable at very close range, but the SMG was better. This was a good thing IMO.
  7. Different ranges is not nonsense though, that's exactly the point I'm getting at. Each weapon in 5 had a range where they were probably the best choice. The BR was the best choice for mid range and the DMR was better at long range. To be fair, the DMR will probably come into play more in BTB rather than Arena where the maps aren't quite big enough to take advantage of its range. They also felt fairly different to use. The Lightrifle was a different beast in 5. It was a 3 shot (I think?) when scoped but was more difficult to use than either the DMR or BR. As for the pistol, I kind of agree, I think if they buffed it slightly it could become a good single shot close range weapon. Slightly better than an AR but more difficult to use. This one work? xboxdvr.com/Deez/dbc6338b-38ad-47ed-8550-a18b7cb33aa5 I'm not saying removing the grenade launcher or focus rifle was a good idea, just saying that the H5 sandbox was really refreshing for me. The fact that every weapon was useful meant the game was far more varied. It wasn't just BRs constantly like most of Halo. As for the Hydra, I will admit it wasn't particularly interesting to use.
  8. In almost every situation a BR or DMR would outclass everything but the power weapons though. There was no point using the magnum or the AR because there was never a time when the BR wouldn't be a better choice. Then you had weapons like the Suppressor, the Scattershot and the Storm Rifle; all completely useless.The side weapons in 4 were certainly more capable than in 2 or 3. However they were still outclassed by the BR. In 5 almost every weapon had a situation where that specific weapon would be the best choice. There were times when you'd actually change weapons away from the BR to the SMG.
  9. Ehh, it was devastating if you got a good position and knew how to use it. Just lock on, look up and shoot two rockets, basically a guaranteed kill. I think they should maybe buff it a bit out of lock though, potentially even debuff it a bit out of lock. Maybe just reduce the ammo it has. At full ammo it had something like 18 rockets which is 9 potential kills without putting yourself in much danger. This shows how it can be pretty damn good. https://account.xbox.com/en-US/gameclip/dbc6338b-38ad-47ed-8550-a18b7cb33aa5?gamertag=Deez&scid=03a80100-9ff3-46ea-be76-e00e7fe465df Anyway, 5's sandbox is pretty good so far. It's the first game since CE to have every weapon be useful. At least in the beta.
  10. That's not the case at all though. From what we saw in the beta, the sandbox is actually very good. Pretty much every weapon was useful and had a role. The only weapon which could use a buff would probably be the pistol.
  11. Team Randa 2 - 0 Noble Black First game: 5 - 3 Warlord CTF Second game: 50 - 33 Shrine Slayer
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't count of that. There is almost nothing the Halo community can agree on. Personally I think Halo 4 is far better than everyone makes it out to be. With personal ordnance removed and weapons on the map like it is in the MCC I think it's actually really good. It's my most played Halo on the MCC, although that's partly be due to the Halo 4 playlist being the only one which worked for a good period of time for me. Reach on the other hand I found to be slow and boring. By far the worst Halo IMO. Bloom sucked, armour lock sucked, movement was slow. It just wasn't that great. Somehow Firefight was also worse than in ODST which was disappointing.
  13. The problems with 4 were spawning with a boltshot or plasma pistol, the majority of the armour abilities (I say majority because Thruster is still awesome), perks and loadouts in general, personal ordnance, no weapons on map and hence reduced focus on map control etc. Basically the general disregard for basic arena gameplay. The actual feel of the weapons and movement was very good IMO. I though the guns were some of the best feeling of the serious, they feel like they pack a punch. Legendary BRs is actually a good game of Halo.
  14. Make the maps free and sell armour sets and weapons skins instead.
  15. Honestly, I'd actually put 3 on top. Halo 3 is probably my favourite game of all time. It's not the best from a competitive stand point however I spent many, many hours playing custom games with friends. Zombies on forged Sandtrap maps, rocket race, Pink Snipers (Max speed, no shields and only snipers) etc. The BR kinda sucks and some of the maps are awful but I seriously love 3.
  16. The difference is that we've already played Halo 5 for 3 weeks. We already have a pretty good idea of what it's going to be like. I already know I'm going to enjoy it, no buying into hype needed.
  17. How exactly are the stabilizers hand holdey?
  18. The spawns on Shrine and Warlord can be pretty terrible though.
  19. Damn, it's already almost Sunday. I'm looking forward to the next audio episode thing, they're been really good so far.
  20. Better they release it then rather than 4 weeks earlier with a broken buggy game.
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