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  1. If you look at competitive shooters on PC they all have ways of accounting for the accuracy of the mouse. - Fast movement/high mobility - Main weapons are slow projectiles (such as rocket launchers) - Reticule sway for sniper style weapons. - Recoil patterns These are often combined together as well. Halo is a slow shooter dominated by powerful precision weapons. You can make all the weapons projectile based but with Halo's slow movement and small maps that's not going to have much of a significant effect. The game won't be completely broken on PC but at a competitive level it will play very differently. Edit: Also, the biggest issue with regards to the sniper when switching to kb/m is that at close range it would be no less viable than any other weapon in the sandbox. Making it a projectile weapon certainly wouldn't help with that. Removing the reticule might help somewhat but it won't hinder a semi decent player all that much.
  2. It'd have to be a pretty slow projectile to have any real effect on arena maps. To the point where it could well break the weapon on BTB maps.
  3. You'd have to remove or completely rebalance the sniper if you wanted to switch to competitive on the PC. Competitive Halo on PC would be very different to on console. Edit: phone autocorrect...
  4. H5 is the only Halo where you can actually set the horizontal/vertical sensitivity to the be the same (pretty sure it's like that by default actually). In all other Halos the vertical sensitivity is significantly lower.
  5. I apparently have a lower ping to every single US server than to any of the European servers. That's despite me living in the UK. Hmm. Edit: doing an Azure ping test shows that the European servers give a lower ping.
  6. They chose a really bad weekend for the tournament. The World Cup is not something you want to clash with.
  7. Did Halo 2's aiming always feel this shit? It's so square. I'm spinning the analog stick in circles and the reticule is drawing rectangles...
  8. That ain't gunna happen now MS has gamepass.
  9. 343 is expanding massively, they're now advertising 26 positions on their careers page. It was only 10 or so on Monday as well. https://www.343industries.com/careers
  10. Team Hardcore/HCS was my number one choice for each game bar CE. Also I have a strong feeling that we're going to get some MCC tournaments. With the big focus on a classic art style in Infinite I think it's also likely that we're going to see a move towards classic gameplay. Building hype for that with MCC tournaments would be awesome.
  11. https://www.artstation.com/rogelio/blog/0r7a/343-industries-here-i-come-and-goodbye-naughtydog That Slipspace engine seems to have attracted at least one dev...
  12. Building a new engine is a huge undertaking, it's not surprising that it'll take longer than usual for the game to release.
  13. With the recent shifts in management Microsoft is investing a ton into Xbox.
  14. I live in the UK and it's fine unless I try and find a match in the middle of the day.
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