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  1. GT: DevinsthatDude I live in Orlando, FL *407* Invite me and let's play some games. MM/Customs
  2. Looking for to team with some reliable people who are looking to put in some time online. I am available in the evenings and live on the East coast. (Orlando) If anyone is interested in running some games - give me a shout. GT: Devinsthatdude
  3. Hey man, not sure if you're only looking for a To3 - but I am interested in setting something up like that. I share alot of the same qualities you do as well. Give me a shout if you wanna run some games. GT: DevinsthatDude
  4. I'd love to play or maybe put something together. I am a knowledgeable player with a competitive drive. Communication is key. Let me know if you wanna run some games. GT: DevinsthatDude
  5. GT: DevinsthatDude HCS/Ranked/Customs Orlando,FL *407* Let's play!
  6. Hey everyone -My name is Devin. I am 24 and play halo MCC mostly for fun but I would love to do it competitively if possible. I am down to run customs/MM/HCS. It would be fun to make more friends in the community so if you're interested and would like to play don't hesitate to send me a PM or F/R. Let's do this! GT: DevinsthatDude
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