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  1. Yeah to my knowledge hosting does absolutely nothing unless you already have viewers to send with it, i'm 99% sure if you host a channel while you're offline none of your followers see it nor get a notification about it.
  2. ironically 30 new titles of COD is exactly how many will have come and gone by the time infinite gets here...
  3. With all due respect we see these tweets with every cod launch, alongside cod players tweeting the ''this will be the best cod ever''. Remake, Release, Rinse, Repeat. (yearly)
  4. Again there will always be a huge gap between grassroots and actual HCS events, ones an event with 343 help and support the others an actual HCS developer paid event. All the DH before have been official HCS events and i'm sure ESA was also one too as it was fed teams from pro league (ESA also has the huge advantage that they have there own LAN premises with everything inside already rigged up and ready to go). I dunno, i'm not trying to justify it btw, just trying to expand on why these events will be so different from the past ones. HCS 2016 was also basically Xbox's baby and Halo 5's birthday present rolled into one with all the funding in the world, i think they will absolutely do the same for Infinite.
  5. Playing devils advocate here, not saying there is a right or wrong nor any of this been a fact, just my persoanl POV to maybe shed light on it. ''i can't think of any reason to not be able to have a main stage for such a big event'' ''no face cams. no listen ins'' This above all comes down to the events been run at cost imo, i cant see DH making any money - only losing, as such some stuff will naturally have to be cut to stop costs bleeding out. Main stage and all that jazz comes when developers are paying for events but with Grassroots only supporting prize pools to the best of my knowledge I personally think we are lucky to be even getting anything at all, these TO's are putting events on for free and taking a hit on the cost. ''or to not broadcast on the halo twitch'' Firstly i wholeheartedly agree that a new channel is always going to be shit compared to using the halo channel, if 343 don't want to make it a full blown official halo event then i'd personally ignore the halo twitch but at the very least use twitch.tv/hcs and build that for the esport going forward long term. The other 2 parts, 1) building for the future, if TO's are going to tender for Halo Infinite then building up there channel and brand now is a great way to start the ball rolling, its their product essentially and some like to keep it in house. 2) money, again if TO's are doing this at cost any ad revenue they can pull back or sponsorship space they can sell on the show is well worth it and helps the event out in every way. ''we need you, @Onset, and walshy back for casting'' Again not speaking for anyone but myself here but caster costs can be quite high dependant on how many you want working, who you want working and for how long you want them there. On top of that when you start to venture for casters outside of NA the cost can easily start to spiral up due to flights been like 1-2K minimum (If they also ship in observers that's additional costs too). The next question is do casters even want to attend certain events if the production value and resources/tools to do the job are low? Been on poorly produced show can in turn hurt the casters brand and its also just a long ass drag to cast if your not given the right tools or poor equipment/sound level/screens etc etc for the job at hand. Take all this with a pinch of salt btw but i'm just trying to help some see that these events may be rough around the edges but until we get actual HCS events again people are doing whatever they can to at least try and give us events under the Grassroots programme.
  6. Me and you are on the same wave length 99.9% of the time but honestly the last 2 UGC events I've watched have been almost unwatchable and boardline a meme with the sound issues.
  7. I really, really, really, really, really, really miss face cams.
  8. Agreed, its done nothing but damage to competitive imho. Honestly, i know sprint is a hot topic but i'm more worried about hit markers, they literally ruined Halo 5 and are the single worst thing to ever happen to the franchise.
  9. Sorry to say this boys but if anybody expected Infinite not to have sprint, you are holding on to a dying candle. It’s going to have it because the maps are going to be large scale with multiple tiers/layers to traverse. It’s 2019 and the hard truth is that next year Sprint will have been in the Halo franchise long than it’s not.
  10. I backed out a few weeks ago, i’ve been on the road for 2 months and missed so much dad time. Very very gutted not to be here and was a hard decision to pull out but i need some time off.
  11. He only posted that to show face Frank, hes the EA and Activision love child now
  12. Whatever happened to Kampy? He was one of my favourite Halo personalities/content creators. We've literally not had anyone as good as him since he left.
  13. Thats fair, i just think Halo 5 was super unbalanced (literally took 16 months for a sniper nerf) and the aftercare was very poor to say we had a pro team in house helping with the design of it. For a studio that had some of the smartest pro players in the game on payroll the game didn’t feel or look that way for the first few years. Again - i hope i'm wrong and big changes are on way but the term pro team to me is just another name for QnA or testers. I really really hope they have power and a good say over the games direction in terms of gunplay/weapons/maps and movement.
  14. We literally had Ghost and Neighbour on the last pro team - two of the most outspoken players in the scene (ghost literally helped design competitive settings through previous iterations of Halo since H2) and we still had things like sprint/ground pound/nade markers etc, hate to be that guy but it feels more like a QnA team than a pro team. I hope i'm completely wrong and way off the mark but the name feels more like a PR name as opposed to actually catering the game for pro level play. A relatively harsh and potentially completely wrong critique but that's just my feel (maybe we will see the team utilised more compered to 5), ether way i'm very happy for all those that get the opportunity to work on something they love. Good luck to them and i look forward to what Infinite has to bring.
  15. The reclaimers is that testing team right? Do you know how others can get involved in that group at all?
  16. Anyone know who this is? ElTown with the retweet so im still assuming that Visal is also joining the pro team.
  17. First Halo: CE Favorite Halo: 2 First Competitive Halo: 2 Least Played Halo: Reach Favorite Gun: Halo 2 BR Favorite Map: Waterworks Favorite Pro: T2 / Gandhi

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