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  1. Thats fair, i just think Halo 5 was super unbalanced (literally took 16 months for a sniper nerf) and the aftercare was very poor to say we had a pro team in house helping with the design of it. For a studio that had some of the smartest pro players in the game on payroll the game didn’t feel or look that way for the first few years. Again - i hope i'm wrong and big changes are on way but the term pro team to me is just another name for QnA or testers. I really really hope they have power and a good say over the games direction in terms of gunplay/weapons/maps and movement.
  2. We literally had Ghost and Neighbour on the last pro team - two of the most outspoken players in the scene (ghost literally helped design competitive settings through previous iterations of Halo since H2) and we still had things like sprint/ground pound/nade markers etc, hate to be that guy but it feels more like a QnA team than a pro team. I hope i'm completely wrong and way off the mark but the name feels more like a PR name as opposed to actually catering the game for pro level play. A relatively harsh and potentially completely wrong critique but that's just my feel (maybe we will see the team utilised more compered to 5), ether way i'm very happy for all those that get the opportunity to work on something they love. Good luck to them and i look forward to what Infinite has to bring.
  3. The reclaimers is that testing team right? Do you know how others can get involved in that group at all?
  4. Anyone know who this is? ElTown with the retweet so im still assuming that Visal is also joining the pro team.
  5. First Halo: CE Favorite Halo: 2 First Competitive Halo: 2 Least Played Halo: Reach Favorite Gun: Halo 2 BR Favorite Map: Waterworks Favorite Pro: T2 / Gandhi
  7. https://twitter.com/OpTicFlamesword/status/1103335122953224192
  8. Not Dersky, hes 110% MCC now. I actually don't know the 4th but with El Towns tweets about moving house and Heinz's response about 'LI boys taking over' id hazard a guess maybe Visal? Unless i'm reading into that way too deep.
  9. Didn't get asked this time i'm afraid, will be sadly watching another event from home. That's it as far as I know as per the last HCS tweet about talent ''Rounding out the talent line-up at the #HCS Invitational''
  10. If the events currently are running on bare bone grassroots support (prize pool only), then i very very highly doubt there's any official HCS circuits coming until infinite.
  11. The magnetism with controller is disgusting, was the same in Destiny and Fortnite... if your playing with PC players it should be disabled and you should be on the same playing field imo.
  12. I also don't see people spending upwards of 20 million (if its priced like OWL) for a team in a console league but maybe i underestimate how big it truly is. I still think console only hinders cod esports growth massively but too many brands/sponsors/orgs etc are too heavily invested in console to move on.
  13. I mean, if they are changing this for a high end 6 team event based on MM stats that’s pretty questionable. KotH simply has to stay at 250, it’s a really bad change and plays like ass/becomes heavy one sided. As for Oddball, i see why they are looking to make changes and respect it but Heretic for Guardian is the easier and more simple solution as games will still plar the same regardless of time, the time won’t fix that. An even more simple solution would be to have admins end the game when it’s mathmatically finished. EZ Clap.
  14. Who kicked off about it or raised it as an issue? I’ve literally seen no one tbh.
  15. Reading through the @TheIcePrincess comments on casting and I can honestly connect with some of it, for the last 6-12 months I've had many people start calling me boring and saying i couldn't care for Halo casting anymore since doing PUBG simply because i completely stopped myself from play by playing whats on screen and actively try to talk about the game/bigger picture and pull as much info as i possibly could out of Dave. Play by play for my is an old school way of casting, you still need the hype and excitement but just talking about whats on screen on repeat is kinda dead imo. I also think this slightly falls on the shoulders of Halo 5 and 343, 343 absolutely loves hype casting and Halo 5 became so stalemate during the early years with autos and radar that the casting kinda fell into line with it, then the fake/over hype became a thing with us all because that's what it took to override and work with the monkaS settings. I have only had opportunity to cast a few Halo 3 2v2's and my god its so much different, there's time to discuss setups/tactics/gameplay etc etc. I love it. Also more T2 at events please, thanks.
  16. Doesn't change Oddball time for H5 when its desperately needed. Changes time for Oddball for H3 when its perfectly fine. SeemsVeryGood.jpeg
  17. Thankyou! His first introduction to gaming will be the winter wonder lan and who better than Christopher Puckett to induct him into competitive Halo.
  18. If i get invited and haven’t already committed to anything (i despise letting TO’s down after booking/contracting) i’ll happily be there, didn’t do UGC due to wife been pregnant (and then he came early and decided to arrive yesterday so it was a good call) but there was a convo progressing so thanks to Matt for that and for allowing re-streaming. I still want to be a big part of Halo esports and its future regardless of my thoughts and opinions on advanced movement and past history. I’m still here and going nowhere but I just need a heads or invite from TO’s early as 2019 will be PUBG’s year of esports and they have an insane roadmap for the whole year.
  19. Atlas was literally just a reskinned Ark and potentially one of the worst things I've ever seen closely followed by MCC on launch, MCC i assume also potentially used old code/assets and that’s my worry. Fingers crossed it’s a good execution, i’m excited either way because having an engine that they own/can tune on the fly - It means we won’t be waiting 16 months again for some one to turn down the magnetism on a sniper rifle (hopefully).
  20. It was confirmed on the last 343 stream that the Slipspace engine isn’t as fully fresh built as we first presumed, it appears to have elements taken from older games so here’s hoping it’s not complete a spaghetti ball (i’d assume halo 5 elements). I also saw around 30/35 job openings go up on the M$ website for 343 in Jan 2018 including MP designers and high end team/direction/technical leads, couple this with the Reddit leaker info (who generally has always been right) that suggested “2 games in development and one with a much bigger amount of player connections” and it raises 3 questions, was it pushed back, was the direction changed and is there another game in development to tide us over until a preview/beta.

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