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  1. Someone spoke about this on a broadcast and mentioned that it was entirely new and still had multiple pieces from older iterations of Halos past, would this mean they might not be able to use it? (sorry i have no idea how engines work)
  2. Agreed with this, and while a solo player matched against a To3 still can suck you also have a chance to be matched with a To3. In a perfect and ideal world it wouldn't happen but we just do not have the player base right now for exact skill matching/full blown elo ranking (imo). I still would love M&KB matching over this but again i don't think the player base is there to support it.
  3. Great thanks! Little dude is 1 in a few week, hows things your side?
  4. That and the old MLG team (EsportsEngine) running events again would be rather cool. How is everyone btw? Hope Christmas and new year is going well for all. Sorry I've been absent recently, end of year pubg major and going freelance for the start of this year has taken it toll... plz gief halu events soon.
  5. everyone of them almost exactly the same - just painted differently (this is a good thing btw)
  6. He said more in this video than in all his Halo interviews combined, the power of player training and a good talent lead - good luck to the guy.
  7. Unfortunately its becoming the norm, Destiny 2 paved the way with how easy it is to tank on PC players with a controller and now Fortnite/Cross platform is making it easy for anyone to play anybody without barriers.
  8. That's because controller aim assist or bullet mag in apex legends is INSANE late game, you can just hold the trigger down on any automatic gun close combat and rail players without a care in the world. Its also so many people play controller in Destiny 2 - its too OP not to. While I've always been on the side of PC players/mouse and keyboard will absolutely slap the shit out of controller users, if the controllers are overpowered and viable then you will see good console players perform very well. Early game as example snipedown will get battered at range because people sniping with M&K are just too damn good, but if his 2 PC users are sick and work as a team and get him to the end game/late game with a full auto its easy mode. Lets not take anything away from the skill console players have on the sticks, but M&K will cut them in 2 unless the aim assist/bullet mag is weighed heavy in their favour (fortshite also does this). Expect this to be the future and cross platform designed to be accessible and playable, hybrid teams (while only a few) of controllers and K&M will become the norm.

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