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  1. Depends if you let them put grenade hit markers in the game or not.
  2. I remember this, day 1 of testing and it became apparent real fast how many times nades got absorbed by the walls and just disappeared.
  3. EP 2 is now live Available on 15 platforms with YouTube to follow shortly. (sorry for self promo) https://midship.buzzsprout.com/
  4. i need to see multiplayer and a final/finished product but im still extremely hopeful for esports and how it’s going to be handled. (the right people are on-board and in place)
  5. Its been a long time since i saw the 'Hot Topic' flair, oh boy
  6. Fair comment, i only privet to this when i think a game is boring for a viewer to watch and they dont want to hear play by play until their ears bleed. There is mass amounts of history in halo and the ones left watching are the hardcore fans so we need to dip into the memes, legacy and old terminology. Flipside - i dont ever want to forcefully count a team out or degrade them intentionally (which i personally dont think anyone ever does), i never want to look like i couldn't give a fuck about their performance or treat them as irrelevant. We just need a new game at this point for something new to talk about
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