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  1. Fair comment, i only privet to this when i think a game is boring for a viewer to watch and they dont want to hear play by play until their ears bleed. There is mass amounts of history in halo and the ones left watching are the hardcore fans so we need to dip into the memes, legacy and old terminology. Flipside - i dont ever want to forcefully count a team out or degrade them intentionally (which i personally dont think anyone ever does), i never want to look like i couldn't give a fuck about their performance or treat them as irrelevant. We just need a new game at this point for something new to talk about
  2. REC is a very sought after team to be apart of and the players are very well looked after. You'd have to assume because they have an Apex team and no longer need a Halo team it may just no longer be economical to keep him on.
  3. Someone spoke about this on a broadcast and mentioned that it was entirely new and still had multiple pieces from older iterations of Halos past, would this mean they might not be able to use it? (sorry i have no idea how engines work)
  4. Agreed with this, and while a solo player matched against a To3 still can suck you also have a chance to be matched with a To3. In a perfect and ideal world it wouldn't happen but we just do not have the player base right now for exact skill matching/full blown elo ranking (imo). I still would love M&KB matching over this but again i don't think the player base is there to support it.
  5. Great thanks! Little dude is 1 in a few week, hows things your side?
  6. That and the old MLG team (EsportsEngine) running events again would be rather cool. How is everyone btw? Hope Christmas and new year is going well for all. Sorry I've been absent recently, end of year pubg major and going freelance for the start of this year has taken it toll... plz gief halu events soon.
  7. everyone of them almost exactly the same - just painted differently (this is a good thing btw)

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