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  1. Would anyone be interested in doing a Halo 3 FFA tourney - mlg rules but to 50 instead of unlimited haha -- over the next few quarantine Saturday evenings? I'm thinking about trying to set something up with a little point set up over 4 weeks or so, kinda just for fun/bragging rights. Although if no1 is interested in that, mayb I'll come up with a little prize structure for the end of the 4 weeks. just spit ballin off that monday coffee, dm if interested at all
  2. Gt:thee Beerbelly Hey Gamers, I competed in tourneys from 06-09. Hit me up for G4G, i’m down to practice daily and can pay my way.
  3. Hey Slovak, I’ll run games with you guys for G4G if you’re still looking. gt:thee Beerbelly
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