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  1. We are finally at the point where other teams have caught up to OpTic. I don't think a team change is necessary, but I think there needs to be a greater focus than there might have been in the past to get better.
  2. Haven't posted in months, been watching this whole weekend, holy fuck I love you MLG (and the fact that it isn't 2 AM on Championship Monday).
  3. Restarts are totally understandable, but in a game that has extreme RNG, I find it hard to find a place to properly "restart" that. This is something that should have been thought of in advance. I know nothing about PUBG except that RNG is involved.
  4. Real travesty here. This morning, as I woke up and read the forum posts, I see @@Bad Dub say the new Game of Thrones leaked. Curious me decides to check it out since there is no way this happens two weeks in a row. Couple hours later, and I have watched the episode. Still hating myself for that one. I am weak. On a related note, if Tashi is saying there is more open communication, I am currently waiting on a visit to the great forums at Team Beyond. I will continue to wait because communication is not truly open until someone comes here.
  5. I won't know how he does it, but I wouldn't be remotely surprised to see Cratos on that stage next year
  6. I don't even like CoD, but I wish I took the 45 minute drive to Orlando to go to this event. I am hoping that the popularity of this event brings more e-sports event to the Central Florida area.
  7. It doesn't have to become an esports game for him to be super successful with it, and with the Destiny community, it certainly is possible.
  8. Ya'll talking about Qdoba, Chipotle, but who is the real Taco place that has your drunk ass covered at 2 AM? That's right....the only Taco place is Taco Bell
  9. The part that gets me is that we are literally forgiving people. A little bit of transparency would go such a long distance on this site. But we aren't even worthy of that.
  10. Wait, there is a "territory" from Orlando - Miami? That just seems ludicrous to me. It takes me like 4.5 hours to get from Orlando to Miami and I definitely do not think a region should be that distance apart.
  11. I know I should care about the stream being down and the game was played off stream, but holy savage CyReN That flurry of posts made my week.
  12. Can we still talk about how I refuse to call Penguin, Subzero? It's not happening.
  13. Papa Spartan > Cratos all day every day. This probably isn't the time to be asking this question, but with the state that 343 is in, do we really think them handing MLG a tournament would really help the scene? I know how much good MLG has done, but is the game past the point of saving? Just wondering on that one.
  14. While that stage does look sick, it still does nothing for me in wanting to watch :/
  15. I am just throwing it out there, but if Destiny 2 is half the game I think it is (I will play on PS4 and PC), I will never turn my Xbox back on even for Halo 6.
  16. I honestly don't know how anyone can be mad at this point. Its just pure disappointment (and it was to be expected at this point). Also, if 343 is still a company when I die, I want people on this site to make sure some of 343's employees lower me into my grave so they can let me down one final time.
  17. I put over 1000 hours into Destiny 1, and I am more than ready to put 1000 more in Destiny 2. I probably put 30 hours max into Halo 5. Destiny is a social game, and it isn't trying to be competitive.
  18. Without people like Frank and Shitlin, we would not have true constructive posts. Of course they are a little out there, but they bring us back to reality with things we really need to consider. I think they do a great job for the forum overall.
  19. The fact that I have become as cynical as Frank when it comes to the Halo scene scares me greatly in my interest in the future of the franchise.
  20. I think I have officially reached the @@CyReN level of caring about Halo. If it wasn't for this site and the passionate posters, I would have abandoned this game so long ago. Speaking of growing the scene, @@LethuL get your new best man in your wedding Gothalion to stream some Halo, I know I would watch (I would watch any way since I am a Gothalion sub now for 2 years)
  21. The only two positive things to come out of the Xbox Briefing were Shadow of War and Anthem, and those aren't even console exclusives, though I will admit getting PUBG as an exclusive did surprise me.
  22. The sad part is I live 90 minutes from Daytona, and still no one cares.
  23. I live in the South (if you count Florida as the South because it really isn't part of the deep South) and no one I know likes Nascar but I live in a pretty good size city and not in a rural part where I think it may be more common to like it.

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